Blog Blitz & Review – Don’t Let Me In by Phil Kurthausen

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Thanks to Bloodhound Books for the free ebook copy in exchange for my honest review.

DON’T LET ME IN – Phil Kurthausen (out now!)

Phil Kurthausen - Don’t Let Me In_cover

Book Description:

How do you escape when you’ve set your own trap?

From behind the locked door of her home, Sarah broadcasts her popular podcast. When she starts to  seek the truth about the murder of a teenage girl 12 years earlier, she soon finds herself the centre of unwanted attention.

While trying to manage her agoraphobia, as well as the online trolls and her family life, Sarah begins to uncover some uncomfortable facts relating to the cold case.

As she edges closer to accusing someone of the murder, the online threats soon become physical and as the outside world draws closer and closer to her front door threatening her home, her family and her life, Sarah must decide between fight or flight…

My Thoughts: 3/5 stars!

DON’T LET ME IN by Phil Kurthausen is a new standalone suspense novel. Sarah is agoraphobic but maintains contact with the world outside her home with her largely popular podcast. Her new focus is a cold case from 12 years ago – the murder of a young girl. As she digs deeper into her investigation she realizes she’s getting closer and closer to finding the potential killer.

Due to the potential killer she’s been focusing on, Sarah begins receiving threats from online trolls. Nothing to be concerned about, but when the threats become real she begins to retreat within her agoraphobia more. I don’t want to give away too much about the potential killer and other characters, but I can see this being one that will cause a lot of frustration for some readers.

The writing was solid and I will always enjoy seeing authors incorporate technology and podcasts in their stories. While there was some good suspense and Sarah was a well-developed character, there were a few elements that just didn’t work for me personally, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be one a lot of people won’t enjoy! I found a couple spots where the pacing slowed down and I wasn’t able to focus, but then it picked up again. I was able to figure out the ending fairly soon into the book, and I know this ending angered a lot of other readers. I’ll be curious to see what others think of this one.

Phil Kurthausen

About the Author:

Phil Kurthausen is the best selling author of the Erasmus Jones series of novels and the terrifying new psychological thriller, Dont let me in.

He has travelled the world working as a flower salesman, a lawyer and, though scared of heights, helped to paint Sydney Harbour Bridge. Ken Dodd once put him in a headlock for being annoying. He currently lives with his wife in Barcelona.

He has published award nominated short stories and his novel ‘The Silent Pool’ won the Thriller Round in the Harper Collins People’s Novelist Competition broadcast on ITV in November 2011 and he later appeared in the final. The Silent Pool was shortlisted for the Dundee International Literary Prize in 2012 and the second novel in the Erasmus Jones series, Sudden Death was a commercial and critical success. He has broadcast short works on BBC Radio 4 extra and written TV and Film screenplays.

Author Links:

Twitter: @philkurthausen



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