TLC Book Tours – I’ll Be Your Blue Sky by Marisa De Los Santos

Book tour day! Great way to round off this crazy and fun week 🙂 You’ll definitely get to see my new shiny thing in the photo for my review – deviating from the typical book and coffee pose this one time.

Thanks to William Morrow and TLC Book Tours for the free copy in exchange for my honest review.

I’LL BE YOUR BLUE SKY – Marisa De Los Santos (out now!)

I'll Be Your Blue Sky PB cover

Book Description:

The New York Times bestselling author revisits the characters from her beloved novels Love Walked In and Belong to Me in this captivating, beautifully written drama involving family, friendship, secrets, sacrifice, courage, and true love for fans of Jojo Moyes, Elin Hilderbrand, and Nancy Thayer.

On the weekend of her wedding, Clare Hobbes meets an elderly woman named Edith Herron. During the course of a single conversation, Edith gives Clare the courage to do what she should have done months earlier: break off her engagement to her charming—yet overly possessive—fiancé.

Three weeks later, Clare learns that Edith has died—and has given her another gift. Nestled in crepe myrtle and hydrangea and perched at the marshy edge of a bay in a small seaside town in Delaware, Blue Sky House now belongs to Clare. Though the former guest house has been empty for years, Clare feels a deep connection to Edith inside its walls, which are decorated with old photographs taken by Edith and her beloved husband, Joseph.

Exploring the house, Clare finds two mysterious ledgers hidden beneath the kitchen sink. Edith, it seems, was no ordinary woman—and Blue Sky House no ordinary place. With the help of her mother, Viviana, her surrogate mother, Cornelia Brown, and her former boyfriend and best friend, Dev Tremain, Clare begins to piece together the story of Blue Sky House—a decades-old mystery more complex and tangled than she could have imagined. As she peels back the layers of Edith’s life, Clare discovers a story of dark secrets, passionate love, heartbreaking sacrifice, and incredible courage. She also makes startling discoveries about herself: where she’s come from, where she’s going, and what—and who—she loves.

Shifting between the 1950s and the present and told in the alternating voices of Edith and Clare, I’ll Be Your Blue Sky is vintage Marisa de los Santos—an emotionally evocative novel that probes the deepest recesses of the human heart and illuminates the tender connections that bind our lives.


My Thoughts: 3.5/5 stars!

This was my introduction to Marisa De Los Santos and I loved the writing and the way she told the story and created these characters for the reader. I wasn’t aware that this was actually book three in a series, so it made a lot more sense after finishing the book. I feel like you should read the other two books to fully follow the story.

We have two timelines that we alternate between and two different perspectives: Edith and Clare. The two meet and Edith gives Clare the advice and push she needed in order to leave her fiancĂ© shortly before the wedding. Clare soon finds out that Edith has passed away but has left something for her – an old guest house known as Blue Sky House. As she explores her newly acquired home she discovers some hidden ledgers that hold secrets as to who Edith was and what Blue Sky House is.

While there are a lot of characters, they are very easy to keep apart with little confusion. I think some of the aspects to the mystery were a little confusing with a lot of different twists and characters surprises. I did like the back and forth in perspectives – learning about Edith as Clare tries to uncover more about her and the house.

Overall, I really like the writing and the development. I think that fell on more of the lines of a romance novel or chick lit. The mystery aspect wasn’t the main focus to this one. I feel like I would have understood more if I had read the previous two books, so that’s really why this is just below 4 stars for me! I would highly recommend to those wanting a good chick lit book to cozy up with this winter.

Marisa de los Santos AP Photo by Tisa Della-Volpe

Photo by Tisa Della-Volpe

About the Author:

Marisa de los Santos is a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning poet with a PhD in literature and creative writing. She lives in Wilmington, Delaware, with her family.

Connect with Marisa on Facebook and Twitter.

Where to Purchase a Copy:

HarperCollins | Amazon | Barnes & Noble



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