Sins as Scarlet – Nicolás Obregón

Happy release day!

Thanks to Minotaur Books for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

SINS AS SCARLET – Nicolás Obregón

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My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

First of all, how have I not picked up a book by Nicolás Obregón before? I know I’ve seen book one (BLUE LIGHT YOKOHAMA) in the bookstores before and I’ve always been drawn to that cover. The next book in the Inspector Iwata series, SINS AS SCARLET, can be read as a standalone.

My immediate reaction is how surprised I was at how quickly I became immersed in the novel and the investigation. I was impressed with the different topics that were covered in this book, but mainly how he examines the difficulties faced by the transgender community. Meredith Nichol, a transgender woman, is found dead on the train tracks in Los Angeles. The police suspect a hate crime, but there are little to no clues for them to go off – at this point Meredith is doomed to become a cold case.

Kosuke Iwata has left his life in Tokyo as a Metropolitan Police officer for a quieter life as a Private Investigator. His jobs consist of following unfaithful spouses and simple, safe cases. However, something is drawing him to Meredith’s case and he is determined to find the killer.

I loved how modern this crime fiction novel was while still having the old noir feel. I love the Hard Case Crime series, so these old hard-boiled crime books are some of my favorites! The research and attention to detail shines through – I learned a lot about Iwata’s background and the Japanese culture through his story. The author also examines the danger of the borderlands and the topic of immigration. There are a lot of topics and elements to this book without it feeling all over the place. I think he did an incredible job blending everything and creating a very unique writing style that I enjoyed. Can’t wait for more Inspector Iwata!

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