Watching You – Lisa Jewell

Released on Tuesday! The newest novel from Lisa Jewell.

Thanks to Atria for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

WATCHING YOU – Lisa Jewell (out now!)

Check back for the #allthebookreviews thoughts on this one 🙂


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

I’ve read a few other titles by Lisa Jewell and I have enjoyed them all – she has definitely become an auto-buy author for me. WATCHING YOU is probably at the top of the list for me. Once again, she did not disappoint and brought us a solid suspense novel that continues to build until the very end.

The prologue sets the tone for the rest of the book, and man does it start out with a bang! What is the importance of this murder investigation? Well, continue on and Jewell weaves together a host of characters and their various actions that tie them all together. I will always be impressed with the fact that she is able to develop each character well and expertly connect them all as the novel progresses. We get the multiple POV’s that alternate throughout the book and there are short chapters. My favorite combination in the thriller/suspense genre.

While the beginning portion of the book has a slower build to it you definitely aren’t hit with a lull or lose interest due to the pacing. She keeps pulling you along as everything unfolds. There are plenty of twists and turns thrown at us, while some are a surprise others can be more on the predictable side it doesn’t take away from the experience.

If you’re a fan of Lisa Jewell, then this is one you have to pick up! If you want a great suspense read, then make sure to grab this one to start 2019 off right.



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