#ATBR2019 – Liars’ Paradox by Taylor Stevens

Bam! We’re on a roll!

Thanks to Kensington Books for the free copies in exchange for our honest reviews.

LIARS’ PARADOX – Taylor Stevens (out now!)

Check out our collective thoughts below 🙂


Chandra’s Thoughts: 3/5 stars

This is my first Taylor Stevens book and I can tell her writing is addictive.  This book is non-stop from beginning to end.  We get full on action with each chapter while learning about the characters.  I don’t mind multiple POVs and we get several here.  However, the most we see is of Jack and Jill, our stars.  Twins who were basically trained from birth with spy-like abilities for survival, they always considered their mother more of a mentor than anything else.  They disregarded her paranoia but have to consider how right she may be when things go awry and they realize what they thought was another test is anything but.

The action did get a little over the top in certain areas. I would’ve liked to see some more character development… which is interesting as I felt this was still a more character driven book than a plot driven one.  The first in a series can certainly be the build up to the upcoming books and in this case we get a full blown look at just how incredible these twins are.  I certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of them (or their mother).  As twins and growing up being tested repeatedly in a variety of situations, this made for the continuous, crazy sibling rivalry that is thrown at you in virtually ever chapter.  I still can’t quite wrap my mind around the opening scene because if that was MY brother coming at me while I was in THAT situation.. well… WEIRD. (also maybe poor choice of words but I’m leaving it there)

Mainly this book is just fun.  If you like action packed thrillers then this is definitely suitable for your tastes. While I felt things got a bit redundant and a bit out there, I think that we get exactly what the author wanted to put out there – crazy characters that are continuously on the run which makes for a lot of new adventures coming our way.

I’m VERY curious to see where this family goes.. and if the twins can survive EACH OTHER.

My Thoughts: 3/5 stars

This was my introduction to Taylor Stevens, as well as the start of a new series! LIARS’ PARADOX follows twins, Jack and Jill. Don’t let the names fool you, they are far from sweet and innocent children. Both have been trained by their mother, Clare, to be the optimal survivalists. Taught at young ages the art of espionage, hunting, surveillance, and even subjected them to cruel psychological tests and games. Sounds like a happy childhood we all want, right?

Fast forward, the twins are now in their 20s and are desperate to lead normal lives. That is nearly impossible for them when Clare’s off-grid home is blown up. Jack and Jill’s instincts and training kick in and they must find their mother.

This book was very entertaining and had plenty of action and suspense to keep you reading straight through. Espionage is always fun for me to read because my senior project in college was about espionage tactics used – so I always love seeing how authors utilize this element/research that can go into it. There are moments where things are over the top, which isn’t bad. You almost expect it to be with the training the twins go through. I am happy to see that this is a series, so hopefully there will be some more character development as it continues because that was one thing that I was wanting more of.

Overall, a solid suspense read and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more with Jack and Jill.

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