TLC Book Tours – Courage Between Love and Death by Joseph Pillitteri

Phew! A weekend packed full of reading 🙂

Thanks to the publisher and TLC Book Tours for the free copy in exchange for my honest review.

COURAGE BETWEEN LOVE AND DEATH – Joseph Pillitteri (out now!)


Book Description:

Elspeth has recently landed a nursing position at the 1901 Pan American Exposition Hospital in Buffalo, New York. This is a big boon for her, but things are not going as expected. She has to navigate mischievous patients, egotistical doctors, rival nurses and prejudices. For an Irish girl with a temper, this is no easy feat. Now President McKinley is coming to visit the Expo and everyone is in an uproar. On the home front, her life is no less hectic as she struggles to put food on the table and look out for her younger siblings.

When the unthinkable happens, it is a turning point, not only for the medical industry and our country’s security, but for Elspeth personally. With her career and reputation on the line, will she have the courage to overcome the challenges she faces to clear her name and continue to be there for the ones she loves?

“Joseph Pillitteri does a great job of bringing the Exposition and an engaging cast of characters to life in Courage Between Love and Death. Pillitteri spins a fast-paced, entertaining tale, and his medical background is well-utilized in the medical inquest after the bungled abdominal surgery which proved fatal to McKinley. If you love a strong-willed woman who can defend herself against personal and professional prejudice, and for a brief moment win a president’s heart, read Courage Between Love and Death.” -Historical Novel Society

..”.Joseph Pillitteri’s writing is flawless and delightful. The tension builds up very fast and doesn’t slow down until the satisfying conclusion. Courage Between Love and Death is focused, deft, and balanced, and the reader will follow the protagonist through her emotional and psychological turmoil until the very last page. A gripping story with great historical references, it’s an edge of the seat read. Courage Between Love and Death by Joseph Pillitteri is a historical novel that is well-researched and written to great satisfaction.” –Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite.


My Thoughts: 3.5/5 stars!

This is perfect for those that love historical fiction and medical fiction (is that the right name for the genre?). Seeing that the Historical Novel Society had incredible things to say about this book was all that I needed to pick this up. If you’ve followed my reviews at all you’ll know that I’m a big fan of historical fiction, and I love when it’s a new setting that I don’t get to read about often.

Pillitteri brings us into the Pan American Exposition (1901), and we follow Elspeth. Elspeth is an Irish girl who just landed herself a nursing position. Not only is navigating the new hospital a challenge but she has rival nurses, egotistical doctors, and so much more to face. To make things more stressful and chaotic, President McKinley becomes one of their patients after an assassination attempt. El is brought into the team of doctors and nurses that are put on his emergency case.

I think that Pillitteri does an incredible job bringing us into the time period and setting the scene. His research and background on the topic really shines through and I think readers will greatly appreciate that attention to detail. I didn’t know much about this time period or about the assassination attempt, so I felt like I got a brief history lesson. If you’re a fan of historical fiction, then I highly recommend picking this one up!

About the Author:

While working at Roswell Park Memorial Hospital in Buffalo, NY, Pillitteri became intrigued by the role Dr. Park played in the surgery of President McKinley at the 1901 Pan American Exposition. He shaped facts and fiction together to tell the story.

Where to Purchase a Copy

Amazon | Books-A-Million | Barnes & Noble


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