Book Clubs?

Hey there, friends! Who here participates in a real life book club?

I always love to hear how people find their book clubs or what they do. I know everyone seems to have a different system for meeting, picking books, and how they do discussions. Every book club is unique and that’s what I think is so amazing about them because they all have the same goal: people reading together and discussing books.


I’ve been apart of a book club for a couple years now. It started out as my friend telling me about her book club with her two friends from grade school and I would always read the same books as they did so she and I could discuss. Then one meeting they invited me to join, and here we are now!

It’s just four of us and we try to meet monthly, but that’s not always guaranteed with our schedules. Between weddings and now our unofficial 5th member being born, things can get hectic. Our typical book club Saturday is getting together and then going book shopping (obviously) by stopping at Half Price Books first and then going across the street to Barnes and Noble. We try to find a book at either location as the next choice – or we’ll order them off Amazon/Audible/Kindle. After that we get some dinner and wine then head back and we’ll watch the adaptation of whatever book we finished (if there is one). Not going to lie, we almost always forget to start the movie or show early enough in the evening to where we end up either skipping it or I have to leave early (1.5 hour drive home).

I think this has been a good way to find some new books and genres than I typically do. I always stick to the thrillers and horror (as I’m sure you know), but we have some sci-fi fans and we dip into more of the contemporary fiction from time to time.

My current choice was Josh Malerman’s BIRD BOX – mainly because we now have a new film to watch and none of us have read it. With how short that one was combined with the length of time between meeting, Katie also picked A MONSTER CALLS by Patrick Ness. I just finished that one up and, man, was that an emotional read! I wasn’t sure what to expect and I’m glad people all over Bookstagram warned me a head of time that it was an emotional one to get through.

Do you like real life book clubs? Do you prefer the online versions? I know Bookstagram has allowed for people all over to read and discuss books together (read-alongs and read-a-thons) which has become an incredible outlet for many. For those of us that aren’t near a larger area to join in on organized book clubs it helps us find that community and reading interaction that we love!

What’s a book or author you discovered because of a book club you were in?

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