Bookish Rainbow Challenge – Green Books

There’s something about green and it’s many shades that’s so beautiful!

The #jennsrainbowchallenge is going strong and she’s hit over 2k posts. Talk about amazing! Despite the fact that it’s pulling up as reported for me – who in their right mind reports a hashtag filled with color coded books??


Books Pictured:

FEAR STREET SUPER THRILLER – PARTY GAMES & DON’T STAY UP LATE – R.L. Stine – Here’s the synopsis for this 2 books in 1 collection!

THE MARSH KING’S DAUGHTER – Karen Dionne – See the #CJSReads2017 thoughts here!

MY HUSBAND’S WIFE – Jane Corry – See the synopsis here!

THREE DAYS AND A LIFE – Pierre Lemaitre – See the #allthebookreviews thoughts here!

DO NOT DISTURB – A.R. Torre – Haven’t gotten a review up on Goodreads (read it before I was really active on there), but this is a solid 5 star read for me!

THE WORLD OF LORE: WICKED MORTALS – Aaron Mahnke – Here’s the synopsis for this installment in the Lore series.

A NECESSARY EVIL – Abir Mukherjee – See the synopsis here!

INHERITANCE – Christopher Paolini – The 4th book in THE INHERITANCE CYCLE series! See the synopsis here!

THE DARKNESS – Ragnar Jonasson – Check out my 4 star review here

THE SUMMER WIVES – Beatriz Williams – See the synopsis here!

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