Bookish Rainbow Challenge – Purple Books

The final day! I definitely thought pink was included, so I’ll have a bonus day tomorrow. This is what happens when I’m all excited about these challenges and then don’t pay attention to the guidelines.

Purple Books! My mom’s favorite color and one that proved to be harder than I anticipated. Purple spines are fairly popular, but the color doesn’t really continue onto the cover, or it isn’t as vibrant.


Books Pictured:

THE BLACKBIRD SEASON – Kate Moretti – Check out the synopsis!

INKDEATH – Cornelia Funke – The final book in the INKHEART trilogy. I loved this series growing up! Don’t judge it by the movie, please. I’ll share the synopsis for book one – so that nothing is ruined!

THE EXORCIST – William Peter Blatty – I think we all know this terrifying story! One of the scarier books that I’ve read and a horror film that set the standard for possessions.

HELL’S TEETH – James Fahy – Here’s the synopsis!

THE NIGHT WINDOW – Dean Koontz – See my book mail post! This is the next book in the Jane Hawk series

THE KILLING PACE – Douglas Schofield – See the synopsis here!

LOOK FOR HER – Emily Winslow – See my blog tour spot and full 3.5 star review here!

GONE WITHOUT A TRACE – Mary Torjussen – See my full 4 star review here!

A WELCOME MURDER – Robin Yocum – See my full 5 star review here!

AMSTERDAM EXPOSED: AN AMERICAN’S JOURNEY INTO THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT – David Wienir – Check out my blog tour spot for my full 3.5 star review and an excerpt!

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