What I’m Currently Reading

Something a little different for today! Not a blog tour, review, feature, or book mail. I wanted to share what I’m currently reading, what’s on deck, and what I just finished up.

First off – thanks to the amazing publishers (Minotaur, Gallery, St.Martin’s Press, and Kensington Books) for the copies in exchange for my honest reviews.


INTO THE JUNGLE – Erica Ferencik


LOOKER – Laura Sims (sent to me by the amazing @gareindeedreads – you should check out his blog here!)



What I Just Finished: WHERE MONSTERS HIDE – M. William Phelps – My blog tour/review spot will be tomorrow (April 12th) but this true crime read was a solid 5 stars for me. I learned so much on a case that I didn’t know much about.

What I’m Currently Reading: 

INTO THE JUNGLE – Erica Ferencik – Guys, I already know this is going to be a 5 star read for me. I LOVED her debut, THE RIVER AT NIGHT, and this one isn’t disappointing.  (Keep an eye out for the #ATBR2019 thoughts on this!)

SAVING MEGHAN – D.J. Palmer – I’m only a couple chapters in, but it already has my curiosity piqued. The only time I’m ever happy to have snow to where I can’t leave, because I can just sit and read all night.

What’s on Deck:

LOOKER – Laura Sims – This one is surprising short! I wasn’t expecting this to be a shorter novel, so I’m ready to fly through it.

DOUBLESPEAK – Alisa Smith – This one releases on my birthday! I can’t wait because it’s some historical fiction meets mystery.


What are you guys reading? What are you looking forward to reading next? What did you just finish? I want to hear about all of them! I’m always looking for recommendations and seeing other reviews.


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