#hotmessexpress – Book Edition

So, this is the current situation for my book piles in the house. I have told Jeremy that I will try to keep them contained to this table in the house – and the book cart that I keep nearby. With my book shelves it’s easier to have a lot of them to put away at once.


How do you organize your books? I know people do it by colors, by size, by genre, by TBR and already read. I stick with the tried and true method of alphabetizing. My books, no matter the genre, are in alphabetical order by author last name. Just like in a library. It is so easy to find a book among my many shelves. The only exceptions to this are my Hard Case Crime books and my Stephen King collection. They have their own wall – but now that I’ve filled up my other two walls, I have overflow into that third wall.

Two years ago on Christmas Eve, Jeremy’s gift to me was building my new shelves. I had floating shelves that only went halfway down the wall, so we decided that built-in was the way to go. Each wall took a weekend – we had to stain the boards (my least favorite part, because I didn’t want to do two coats), cut everything to length, cut the many shelf boards, drill all of the peg holes, and then the install. I couldn’t feel my thumbs by the time we were done because I had the job of putting all the pegs into the boards. I would say the blood, sweat, and broken nails was incredibly worth it.

Do you have a spot in the house you keep you overflow books? Your new books that have yet to be shelved? Who utilizes a book cart (or two or three)? I love seeing how people organize their books because there’s no wrong way to do it. Everyone works differently and has their own aesthetic that works for them.

I would love to see all the book messes from book worms. If you share them on Instagram make sure to tag me or mention me in a comment!


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