Bone Deep – Sandra Ireland

Happy belated release!

Thanks to Gallery Books for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

BONE DEEP – Sandra Ireland

This was my introduction to Sandra Ireland and I’m looking for recommendations on her other books! I definitely want to pick up more from her.


My Thoughts: 3.5/5 stars!

Going into this I think was expecting more of a thriller as opposed to the slower building psychological suspense it ended up being. BONE DEEP is an enthralling read and Ireland pulls you in as the story progresses. You find yourself becoming more and more invested in Mac and Lucie which helped pick up the pacing for me.

Who doesn’t love a book about an author writing a book? Mac is working on a new book of a collection of folklore – ones that are inspired by local legends. I’m already excited, because folklore and urban legends are my thing. Mac hires Lucie as her assistant to stay with her and help with the writing. Little do these women know, they are both desperately trying to keep secrets hidden from each other. Things get increasingly complicated when a local legend of two dead sisters begins to mimic things around them.

I loved the writing and the way Ireland had the story unfold for the readers. It was atmospheric, captivating, and had a sense of growing dread. The only real drawback for me was the length of the chapters. Some got really long and as a chapter-to-chapter reader that made it drag a couple of times. But that is 100% a me thing, not the book itself. I just found myself looking ahead and counting the pages in the chapter before beginning a new one (only if I had other responsibilities going on – because life gets in the way of reading). Overall though, I would highly recommend this book! I really enjoyed it and will need to be picking up more from Sandra Ireland next time I’m at the bookstore.


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  1. I have a copy of this that I’ve been meaning to read, but still haven’t gotten to it. When I read a mystery or a thriller I do expect them to be a bit faster paced, so knowing that this is a slower atmospheric read before I go in is good. Also I am glad you mentioned that some of the chapters are long. I hope that I do wind up loving it and I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

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    1. Yes! I love knowing that about thrillers, too. Nothing is more disappointing than picking up a thriller expecting a crazy fast pace and then getting a slower build (which isnt bad, but not up to expectations). I hope you enjoy it if you pick it up!

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