Wilders – Cass Kim

A big thank you to the author for the free ebook copy in exchange for my honest review

WILDERS – Cass Kim (out now!)

This one is available with Kindle Unlimited, and you can also purchase the ebook copy or a paperback. You can check it out on Amazon!


Book Description:

The forest behind Renna’s home is dark and dense. It hold more secrets than she knows. Having grown up in the half-pocalypse, a world balancing against the tide of a blood-borne virus, Renna knows the rules by heart:
1) Stay inside between dusk and dawn.
2) Close and lock the copper and silver screens.
3) Report anyone suspected of infection immediately.

Now, at seventeen, Renna must survive against the rules.

-An unprecedented attack.

– A strange boy with copper eyes.

Can Renna survive the darkness to save those she loves?

My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

At just around 150 pages I flew through this sci-fi novella from Cass Kim. WILDERS takes place in what is known as the half-pocalypse and there are rules that need to be followed. You don’t go out between dusk and dawn, lock up the copper and silver screens, and always report anyone suspected of being infected. Renna has grown up with these rules, but a series of events causes her to have to break the rules in order to survive.

I would definitely categorize this under the YA umbrella – more so sci-fi as opposed to horror. I feel like this has a more realistic approach to how people would adjust and live in a half-apocalyptic world. I’ve never been the biggest fan of the zombie genres (I just think they were so overdone in a short amount of time years ago), but this was the right amount for me. I liked the story and would like to see more! With this being a novella, I know we only can get so much out of it, but I think it’s a good jumping-off point for more in a series.

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