Whisper Network – Chandler Baker

Released earlier this month!

Thanks to Flatiron Books for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review

WHISPER NETWORK – Chandler Baker

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My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

Rumors and gossip can seem harmless but it’s amazing how fast things spread. In the WHISPER NETWORK we follow four women in the corporate world and how they need to maneuver the complicated situations with the men higher up in the company. After the CEO dies unexpectedly, and when the women at Truviv find out that which of their co-workers is being groomed as the replacement, they have to take matters into their own hands.

Sloane, Grace, Ardie, and Katherine all work in legal at Truviv. Ardie and Sloane have been for close to thirteen years and Katherine is the new hire they try to warm about Ames. Ames is their boss and has a reputation for getting too close to some of the women in the department. When the women find out about a list that is circulating around the corporate world for women to read and even add to, they face a moral dilemma. The list is known as the BAD Men List – Beware of Asshole Dallas Men. Where women can put in warnings about the men they’ve worked with when they sexually harass any women, etc. So, why wouldn’t they do a service to everyone and add Ames’ name?

This one took a little bit to pick up but once it did then I couldn’t put it down. Told in legal proceedings and interrogations in order to find out why their coworker died. Was this the work of the list? The women were all well developed and we got a sense of what happens when women band together and support each other. An incredibly relevant topic in today’s world. I really enjoyed this and can’t wait for more from Baker.

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