American Homemaker – John Kaine

How is it the last week of August already??

Thanks to the author for the free ebook copy in exchange for my honest review

AMERICAN HOMEMAKER – John Kaine (out now!)

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Book Description:

Kim Loomis is a social media star, homemaker and mortician. With her husband Norman, they’ve been bringing in a dark harvest. But death is an infrequent visitor to a small town, and when they struggle to meet demand, Kim decides there is a profitable alternative. Except Norman doesn’t want any part of his wife’s horrific plans. He wants to leave Kim, but no one leaves America’s homemaker.

It was plain sailing for assassin Melody Morgan until she executes a drug cartel’s bagman. Hunted by highly efficient killers, Melody is forced to accept a job from Kim. But not everything is as it seems. Kim is hiding something, a secret so terrifying there may be no way out for anyone.

My Thoughts: 3/5 stars!

I feel like I always need to start these reviews with the disclaimer that 3 stars is not a bad thing. I really enjoyed parts of this book and there were a few things that didn’t really work for me as a reader. I still would highly recommend this to thriller fans and those that love a gory serial killer read – with not one, but TWO female killers.

One thing I loved about this book was having the killers both be women. There aren’t many thrillers lately like this. We have Kim who is an incredibly popular “homemaker” on social media and seems to have a perfect life and then we have Melody who is a contract killer. How are their paths going to cross?

I liked the concept, there were some good twists, and I did like the pacing of this novel. However, the issues I did have were concerning the characters and some parts of the book felt a little cluttered. We had a lot of character perspectives and none of them were really all that likeable. I can’t think of a character I connected with or was remotely rooting for.

Overall, this was a really gory thriller and I did enjoy it! The gore and violence are very detailed, so if you’re a little on the squeamish side, then you might want to reconsider picking it up. It was a quick read and despite the couple issues I had (could definitely just be a “me as a reader” thing) I would still recommend it!

About the Author:

John Kaine was born in 1982. He is the author of American Homemaker and The Seven. John is currently working on his third novel. You can connect with him on Twitter: JohnKaine8

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