Trust Me When I Lie – Benjamin Stevenson

Trying to squeeze in as many reviews as I can before the month ends tomorrow. I’ve been slacking and now I’m regretting it!

Thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark for the free copy in exchange for my honest review

TRUST ME WHEN I LIE – Benjamin Stevenson (out now!)

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Book Description:

Eliza Dacey was murdered in cold blood.

Four years later, the world watched it unfold again on screen.

Producer Jack Quick knows how to frame a story. So says Curtis Wade, the subject of Jack’s new true crime docuseries, convicted of a young woman’s murder four years prior. In the eyes of Jack’s viewers, flimsy evidence and police bias influenced the final verdict…even though, off screen, Jack himself has his doubts.

But when the series finale is wildly successful, a retrial sees Curtis walk free. And then another victim turns up dead.

To set things right, Jack goes back to the sleepy vineyard town where it all began, bent on discovering what really happened. Because behind the many stories he tells, the truth is Jack’s last chance. He may have sprung a killer from jail, but he’s also the one that can send him back.

My Thoughts: 3/5 stars!

So when I was looking this one up, I got fairly confused because this was originally released as GREENLIGHT (in 2018) and then renamed to SHE LIES IN VINES (July 2019) in Australia. Now being published as TRUST ME WHEN I LIE in the US (August 2019). Make sense? So all are the same book in case there’s any confusion on your part as well when checking out reviews!

I believe this is Stevenson’s debut novel and I really liked the premise of this one. Jack Quick is the producer of a true crime docuseries – think Making a Murderer style – and his subject is Curtis Wade. He was convicted of a woman’s murder four years prior but Jack shows viewers the shaky evidence and paints the portrait of the biases that the police had towards Wade. Sounds a lot like Making a Murderer, doesn’t it? This series is wildly successful and Wade is granted a new trial.

As a whole, we’ve all become fascinated and sucked into all of the new true crime documentaries and docuseries that have been coming out. I know I have! Which is why I really liked this premise. I wish there was more focus on the series itself and the “making of” portion. This mainly takes place after it airs and then the fallout from the new trial. I would still highly recommend this one to anyone that is interested in these types of series and topic!


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