Top Reads for 2019 – Part One

Well, better now than after January!

Thanks to all of the incredible publishers and authors that sent me copies in exchange for my honest reviews and features this year.

It was a crazy year, that’s for sure! Not just in reading but also in life. We got married on November 30th – so the end of the year was pure chaos when it came to getting ready and trying to keep up on some books. But I did it!

So I’m breaking this into 2 parts because I read over 200 books this year (and still counting). It’s only fair to give 20 books the spotlight 🙂


Top Reads for 2019 – Part One (January – June)


FREEFALL – Jessica Barry

5/5 stars – This started the year off right! Crazy fast pacing, a story I couldn’t put down, and just pure adrenaline as we try to piece together everything. You can see my full review here!


STALKER – Lars Kepler

5/5 stars – Kepler did not disappoint, and neither did Abby (of Crime by the Book). After reading THE SANDMAN I couldn’t wait to get my hands on another book by the duo known as Kepler. Creepy, dark, atmospheric, and chilling. See my full review here!


THE LOST MAN – Jane Harper

5/5 stars – Harper hasn’t let me down yet! I know you might think this is more of a hyped up author so you might be hesitant to believe all the buzz, but this was another of hers I could not put down. It might be a contender over THE DRY for my favorite from Harper. You can see my full review here!


BLOOD ORANGE – Harriet Tyce

5/5 stars – I read this in an afternoon and in one sitting. Unreliable narrator, a marriage falling apart, a young daughter at the center of it, and we can’t help but wonder if it’s paranoia or if things are actually happening. The ending caught me off guard and I loved it all. My full review is here!


THE NIGHT OLIVIA FELL – Christina McDonald

5/5 stars – Another one that I read in an evening. It was such a quick little read but the suspense is what kept me pulled in. What happened that night? Who was responsible? What events led to the accident? You can see my full review here!


MY LOVELY WIFE – Samantha Downing

5/5 stars – Talk about one crazy ride. From start to finish this one was absolutely nuts and I loved every page. A smart, calculating, manipulative, and scorned woman is one you don’t want to mess with and that’s what her husband is quickly about to find out. You can see my full review here!


INTO THE JUNGLE – Erica Ferencik

5/5 stars – After loving THE RIVER AT NIGHT I would definitely say this was a highly anticipated read for me! The atmosphere she creates is unparalleled and gives us vivid imagery. I can 100% tell that she did her research and I loved seeing her updates about traveling through these rain forests to immerse herself. You can see my full review here!


LIKE LIONS – Brian Panowich

4.5/5 stars – While this isn’t a solid 5 stars it’s still a memorable one. I only took off the half star because it was book two in a series and that’s completely on me. I have book one ready to go because this one was so good. A man struggling to find balance between his family (powerful mobsters) and his career (as a sheriff of their small town). He must choose which side of the law he is on when events unfold. Beautifully written and a stunning cover. Check out my full review here.



5/5 stars – Feeney does it again and delivers a page-turner! An unreliable narrator, paranoia, and one hell of a twist. I couldn’t put this one down and I highly recommend it (and her other book SOMETIMES I LIE). Here’s my full review!


BEFORE SHE WAS FOUND – Heather Gudenkauf

5/5 stars – I’m a sucker for anything involving an urban legend similar to Slenderman. A young girl is hospitalized for being stabbed and her friends are the main suspects. Can the authorities and her mother piece together the events that led to that horrible night? Is this the work of local urban legend or something more sinister? You can see my full review here


MINE – Courtney Cole

5/5 stars – This book is the definition of a binge read. What would you do if you discovered your husband was having an affair? Would you seek revenge? Man, the phrase hell hath no fury completely applies here. Luring the mistress to their home while he’s out of town just to confront and torture her creates one hell of a suspenseful read. You can see my full review here.


JUST ONE BITE – Jack Heath

5/5 stars – Book two in the Timothy Blake series. Back with the cannibalistic consultant to the FBI in disappearance cases. I highly recommend picking up HANGMAN as well because it was such a fun read – as fun as it can be when your main character is a cannibal. Blake must walk the fine line between helping the authorities and the crime family that has employed him. My favorite part are the little riddles for each chapter. I need more from this series! Here’s my full review!


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