TLC Book Tours – Ghost of the Missing by Kathleen Donohoe

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Thanks to HMH Books and TLC Book Tours for the free early copy in exchange for my honest review and blog tour date

GHOSTS OF THE MISSING – Kathleen Donohoe (Released February 11th, 2020)

Ghosts of the Missing cover

Book Description:

In the vein of The Lovely Bones and The Little Friend, Ghosts of the Missing follows the mysterious disappearance of a twelve-year-old girl during a town parade and the reverberations of this tragedy throughout the town.

On Saturday, October 28, 1995, a girl vanished. She was not a child particularly prized in town…When questioned by reporters, those who’d known Rowan described her as ‘quiet’ and ‘loner’ and ‘shy’ and even ‘awkward.’ Words for pity.

Culleton, New York has a long history—of writers, of artists, and of unsolved mysteries. It’s where Adair grew up before she moved to Brooklyn to try to make it as an artist. But after years away from her hometown and little to show for it, Adair decides to return. She moves back in to Moye House, the old mansion, and current writer’s retreat, imbued with her family’s legacy.

Ciaran is a writer staying at Moye House in the hopes of finally solving the mystery of what happened to Rowan Kinnane—his sister, and Adair’s childhood best friend. As the two begin investigating, secrets long buried rise to the surface, complicating their sense of themselves and their understanding of what happened on that fateful day.

With her “knack for capturing heartbreaking moments with a gripping simplicity” (Village Voice), Kathleen Donohoe lures us into a haunting world of secrets and obsessions and shows just how far people will go in search of the truth.


My Thoughts: 3/5 stars

GHOSTS OF THE MISSING was my introduction to Kathleen Donohoe and I will say that I did enjoy the writing. I will warn you that this is on the slower side of the thriller/suspense genre – so don’t go into this anticipating a really fast paced read. This is perfect for those looking for a slower building mystery, one that you can cozy up with.

While I did enjoy the mystery and the added bits of Irish Folklore, I feel like some of the elements fell a little flat for me. The pacing did slow down for me where I found it harder to concentrate and easier to set the book down for a little bit. A big thing that is good to know before starting, if you don’t like ambiguous endings or no real resolutions, then this one might be a good one to skip. I know some readers love that and others can’t stand it.

Overall, I did really like the writing. It was well-written and plenty of detail. I just didn’t really find myself too engaged in the mystery and jumping timelines. I will for sure be giving Donohoe another read. This was one I enjoyed, but it wasn’t my favorite. Still one I would recommend if you want a slower building mystery with some supernatural elements tied in.

Kathleen Donohoe AP c Beowulf Sheehan

About the Author:

KATHLEEN DONOHOE is the author of Ashes of Fiery Weather. Her stories and essays have appeared in The Recorder, New York Stories, and Washington Square Review. She serves on the Board of Irish American Writers & Artists. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son.

Find out more about Kathleen at her website, and connect with her on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Where to Purchase a Copy:

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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