Creators I Love – Brinny K Design

Something new I want to try out – featuring some amazing creators that I’ve come across over the last few years. I think it’s so important to showcase and share our favorite small businesses – word of mouth is the most vital of advertisements.

Brinny K Design is my first creator to feature 🙂

You can see her Instagram here and you can shop her Etsy page here! She also just started a blog – check that out here!


So if you’ve followed me for a while, then you’ve seen plenty of cups and mugs from one of my favorite creators – Brinny K Design. I discovered her shop because she happens to be the cousin of my now auntie (Jeremy’s aunt by marriage). I got the cutest Maid of Honor cup as a bridesmaid’s gift from Katie and it was made by her cousin. I went browsing on her Etsy page and immediately ordered one of the reusable hot cups from Starbucks with my name on it (obviously in orange).


Katie had received a mug that said “Does this ring make me look engaged” and there was the promise from her that whenever Jeremy and I got engaged then she would be sending me one right away. That only took another 4 years lol mine appropriately said, “I Said About Damn Time”.


That same year I was in three other weddings (it was a fun and crazy year) and I discovered her incredible ring dishes, and so started the long line of gifting these personalized split dishes to all of my friends over the last 4 years. Being able to do the names in their wedding colors made it extra special and I still get photos and snapchats all the time of them being used. Having my own now, I never realized how often I would want to take my rings off (cleaning, warehouse work, shoveling, basically anything that runs the potential for catching it or it falling off) but that thing is a life saver for both Jeremy and me.


Since that first Starbucks cup I’ve acquired just a few others that you’ve probably seen – as well as our champagne glasses for our wedding. I also had a Mother of the Bride wine glass made for my mother.

(Photo on left from Chandra of Where the Reader Grows)

Brin is incredible to work with and the custom designs have been a breeze to work with her on. I had two custom mugs made. One for the wonderful Chandra (Where the Reader Grows) and one for myself with my blog name on it. I got multiple different proofs to pick from and make tweaks as needed. It was so easy and quick to get them done!

Thank you to Instagram for connecting us further and I’m so happy to have made a close friend out of all of this 🙂 I definitely recommend checking out Brin’s shop for any wedding, engagement, or personalized needs

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