Book Mail – The Night Will Find Us by Matthew Lyons

Some exciting horror book mail came!

Thanks to Turner Pub for the free early copy in exchange for my honest review

THE NIGHT WILL FIND US – Matthew Lyons (Releasing October 20th, 2020)


Here’s the synopsis:

In this supernatural thriller, six teenagers attempt to survive the horrors – both human and supernatural – that haunt them as they try to escape a seemingly infinite forest where far older, crueler things wait for them with plans of their own.

Rocked by violent tragedy during an end-of-school-year camping trip, six teenage friends – Parker, Chloe, Adam, Nicky, Josh and Nate – find themselves lost and running for their lives through the darkest depths of the New Jersey Pine Barrens, a million-acre forest in the heart of the state. Banding together to survive, they soon discover that there is something far older and far crueler waiting for them in the woods – something that doesn’t want them to escape.

As they plumb the depths of this forest that has seemingly swallowed them whole, haunted by ghosts figurative and literal, they come to understand the nature of the ancient cosmic horror that lies dead and dreaming in a lake in the center of the woods. As one among them is transformed through his own desperation into an agent of this dread, formless horror, the ones that remain must fight back to survive as they explore the dead towns and endless sprawls of trees, rivers and campgrounds deep in the Barrens.

Steadily picked off one by one by this malevolent force and their turned friend, hope finally comes for the survivors in the form of their respective bonds to the forest itself – one a long-buried secret, the other an uninvited connection that allows one of the friends to see further than she ever could before. Together, their fight to finally escape twill take them to the heart of the woods and the secrets buried there, but only one of them will make it out alive.

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