TLC Book Tour Feature – The Maverick by Jennifer Valenti

Happy release day!

Thanks to Broken Arrow Books and TLC Book Tours for the free copy in exchange for my honest review and feature

THE MAVERICK – Jennifer Valenti (Released December 7th, 2020)

Book Description:

Jane Valiante had put so much of her life on hold to care for her father and little brother back in Florida since her mom died, that she’d all but forgotten she once had ambitions of her own. She had nearly resigned to a life of ordinary when the hottest tech company in the world offers to fly her to New York for the job of her dreams.

After what shapes up to be a whirlwind of an interview, Jane starts to feel overwhelmed and insecure about her chances. Feeling defeated, she’s surprised to receive an invitation to the holiday party from the CEO and Founder, Peter Wright, planned for that evening. Hoping this could be her opportunity to seal the deal, she happily accepts. That’s when everything in her world turns upside down as she finds herself back in her hotel room with Peter after the party. What started as a drunken misunderstanding leads to a brutal sexual assault that leaves Jane shattered.

Torn by the violence of what happened that night and the shocking choices she inevitably makes, Jane embarks on a precedent-setting journey to right the wrongs she has endured that could ultimately define the fate of a generation.

About the Author:

Jennifer Valenti is a Maverick. A rule breaker. An all-together risk taker – often evidenced by her many battle scars, most of which she wears as a badge of honor in tribute to staying true to herself. She was born in New Hampshire, but didn’t grow up there. In fact, she didn’t grow up any one place in particular, having moved nine times by the time she was fifteen. But, if you put a gun to her head (and you’d have to), she’d say she grew up in Florida, hailed from Boston, but mostly was a New Yorker. Moving around meant learning to adapt quickly, which has certainly come in handy when you’ve spent the better part of the last two decades as a single mother raising two amazing young men (and a dog with separation anxiety). For every failure, she enjoyed equal success with careers in film and television, technology, and consulting, the latter two of which against much of her will. Turning her life now to writing women’s fiction, she hopes sharing these stories with the world will inspire others to embrace their own uniqueness, and more importantly, inspire them to find their own Maverick within. If you came here looking for permission to break the rules, consider this your blanket approval.

Connect with Jennifer

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