TLC Book Tour Feature – Island of Thieves by Glen Erik Hamilton

Happy Friday! July is almost over and I can’t believe the year is more than halfway over.

Thanks to William Morrow and TLC Book Tours for the free copy in exchange for my feature

ISLAND OF THIEVES – Glen Erik Hamilton (Released July 27th, 2021)

Here’s the synopsis:

When a new security gig turns into a setup, expert thief Van Shaw finds himself the prey in a cross-country pursuit—in this electrifying sixth novel in Glen Erik Hamilton’s pulse-pounding and emotionally resonant thriller series.  

 Van Shaw is hired to evaluate the safeguards for the art collection of eccentric business magnate, Sebastian Rohner. Then Rohner reveals to Van the real reason he’s been recruited: to prevent another professional burglar from stealing the art. Rohner wants to set a thief to catch a thief. 

Van, while questioning the bizarre nature of the job, takes it seriously and surveils the highly secure gallery wing of Rohner’s expansive island estate, only to stumble across a murdered body on the rocky shore beyond: one of Rohner’s honored guests for an international corporate deal. Wary of Rohner’s intentions, Van knows the homicide detectives on the case—and perhaps Rohner as well—think he’s the prime suspect and will turn his life upside down in their search for evidence.

Van begins to hunt for the killer himself, but scrutiny only digs his hole deeper, as another of Rohner’s executives is killed and the Seattle police find concrete evidence placing Van at the scene. With no other options, he goes on the run, alone and unaided. He’s hunted by the cops, the enraged Rohner, and by a pair of psychopathic hitmen who chase Van from one coast to the next. To clear his name, Van Shaw will have to uncover the hidden motive of corporate espionage at a global level, even with a band of killers on his tail, determined to add Van to their growing list of victims.

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