Look What You Made Me Do – Elaine Murphy

Happy Friday! After seeing some great reviews I had to grab a copy when I was at Barnes and Noble last weekend, and I’m so happy that I did.

LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO – Elaine Murphy (Released July 13th, 2021)

Book Description:

A gripping thriller about a woman who must help cover the tracks of her serial killer sister — only to discover her sibling isn’t the only serial killer in town . . . and they’re both next on his kill list.

Carrie wants a normal life. Carrie Lawrence doesn’t need a happily ever after. She’ll just settle for “after.” After a decade of helping her sister hide her victims. After a lifetime of lies. She just wants to be safe, boring, and not trekking through the woods at night with a dead body wrapped in a carpet.

Becca wants to get away with murder. Becca Lawrence doesn’t believe in happily ever after because she’s already happy. She’s gotten away with murder for a decade and has blackmailed her sister into helping her hide the evidence—what more could a girl want?

But first they have to stop a serial killer. When thirteen bodies are discovered in their small town, people are shocked. But not as shocked as Carrie, who thought she knew all the details of Becca’s sordid pastime. When Becca swears she’s not behind the grisly new crimes, they realize the town has a second serial killer who has the sisters in his sights, and what he wants is…Carrie.

My Thoughts: 5/5 stars

Not going to lie, this cover definitely caught my attention first. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO by Elaine Murphy is an addictive and exciting thriller about a woman caught between not one, but two serial killers. Talk about a solid debut novel, I loved the writing and the way she built the tension from the very beginning, I already know that this will not be my last book by Murphy.

Carrie gets a call one night from her sister, that she needs help moving some furniture. Simple thing to help a sibling with, right? Well, Becca isn’t your ordinary sibling, she’s a woman with psychotic tendencies that also happens to be a serial killer. So when she has to help “move furniture” she has to help dispose of a body. Talk about an exciting first chapter! When breaking news hits that there are thirteen bodies uncovered in the same park they had just buried a woman, Carrie begins to worry that they could all be tied to her sister. Becca is adamant that twelve of them aren’t hers because she never left a “calling card” like this killer did. So that must mean their small town has not one, but two serial killers lurking around. Becca is determined to uncover the identity of Footloose (given the nickname due to every body having a foot cut off) and so begins their crazy investigation.

The dynamic between Carrie and Becca is definitely a complicated one. Becca has always had the upper hand in their relationship and she’s done everything she can to manipulate Carrie into doing whatever she wants – sticking true to the calling cards of serial killer personality traits. Her antics hit closer to home with her most recent victim, Angelica. Angelica was a coworker of Carrie’s that had stolen her work and was up for the same promotion, so naturally, Carrie becomes a person of interest when her body is discovered. As tension builds in town trying to find the killer there are odd things happening at Carrie’s house – things not where she left them, strange noises, unlocked doors. Is she becoming the next target? Does Footloose know about her and her sister?

I loved this book. I wasn’t anticipating that ending and I didn’t guess who the killer was, which is always a plus for someone that frequents the thriller genre. Seeing Carrie try to get out of her sister’s shadow throughout the book was great. All she wanted was to enjoy her normal life: go to work, be with her boyfriend, and have a normal relationship with her sister. If you’re looking for a quick thriller with a good murder mystery, then look no further!

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