Mini Reviews – October 2021 Part Two

Happy Halloween!! Here are a couple more horror reviews to squeeze in before the day ends!

Thanks to the publishers for the free copies in exchange for my honest reviews

IN THE LAND OF DEAD HORSES – Bruce McCandless (Released September 14th, 2021 – thanks to Smith Publicity for the copy)

Book Description:

The Dead Have No Love for the Living

In the Land of Dead Horses tells the story of Texas Ranger Jewel T. Lightfoot’s pursuit of and confrontation with a resurrected horror from another age—a manifestation of the Mayan god of darkness, unearthed from its subterranean crypt in the wastelands of the Chihuahuan Desert and set loose on an unsuspecting world.

Lightfoot, a hard-drinking Texas Ranger, is aided by an aging silver miner named Ernesto Zavala and his grandson Antonio, a rangy firebrand who longs to free his people from the rule of Porfirio Diaz’s corrupt Mexican government. Together, these unlikely heroes face off against a sinister German academic, a trio of religious fanatics who wants to restore the glory of the Mayan empire, and a horror from the depths of history that grows stronger with each setting sun.

Join Jewel Lightfoot in what Kirkus Reviews calls “a paranormal whodunit that offers a gripping battle between good and evil.” But be careful: Not everyone who rides out of Austin in the fall of 1908 is going to make it back alive.

My Thoughts: 4/5 stars

A western horror genre mash-up is here! I’ve read only a couple others in this subgenre of horror and when done correctly they can be so engaging. IN THE LAND OF DEAD HORSES we get an eerie atmosphere, well-developed and complex characters, sharp dialog, and the inclusion of Mexican and Texan heritage as well as some Mayan mythology. It was a combination of things that made for a memorable read!

SONG OF THE SANDMAN – J.F. Dubeau (Released October 19, 2021 – Thanks to Inkshares for the free copy!)

Book Description:

After a terrible mass shooting at Cicero’s Circus, the evil presence responsible for the carnage is taken in by a doomsday cult lying in wait for such an opportunity.

The village struggles to get back to normal in the aftermath of the shooting. The massacre was the final straw for many inhabitants, triggering a mass exodus. Families left their homes without looking back, not even to find out what could have caused such a tragedy. However, to those who know the truth―that a malevolent god unleashed its wrath upon the village―it’s only a matter of time before events repeat themselves.

Venus McKenzie ventures deeper into the pit of secrets left in death’s wake, praying that what she’ll find will help her against the dark forces she couldn’t defeat before.

My Thoughts: 5/5 stars

This has been a book I’ve been waiting for for years! A GOD IN THE SHED is a horror book that I find myself thinking about and dying to know where it was going to go. Well, SONG OF THE SANDMAN did not disappoint and was well worth the wait! It takes place a couple months after the events in the first book and you can expect the same intensity, the same blood and gore, and it’s so gripping that you can’t put it down. I am now finding myself in the same predicament, time to impatiently wait for the final installment in the trilogy. I highly recommend picking up book one before starting this book. You’ll get all the horror goodness you crave in this series!

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