May 2022 TBR

I know I’m a little late, but here’s the list of books releasing this month that you’ll see featured here and on my Instagram!

Thanks to all the publishers and authors for any gifted copies in exchange for my honest reviews

May 2022 TBR:

AT THE QUIET EDGE – Victoria Helen Stone (Released May 1st, 2022)

STRANGERS WE KNOW – Elle Marr (Released May 1st, 2022)

THE PATIENT – Jane Shemilt (Released May 3rd, 2022)

THE HACIENDA – Isabel Canas (Released May 3rd, 2022)

THE NIGHT THEY VANISHED – Vanessa Savage (Released May 3rd, 2022)

DARLING GIRL – Liz Michalski (Released May 3rd, 2022)

OUR LITTLE WORLD – Karen Winn (Released May 3rd, 2022)

THE DAUGHTERS OF THE OCCUPATION – Shelly Sanders (TLC Book Tour Feature – May 8th, 2022)

GEIGER – Gustaf Skordeman (Releasing May 10th, 2022)

THE BELOVED GIRLS – Harriet Evans (Releasing May 10th, 2022)

MY WIFE IS MISSING – DJ Palmer (Releasing May 10th, 2022)

THE SURGEON’S DAUGHTER – Audrey Blake (Releasing May 10th, 2022)

THE MURDER RULE – Dervla McTiernan (Releasing May 10th, 2022)

THE CHERRY ROBBERS – Sarai Walker (Releasing May 17th, 2022)

TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY – Linwood Barclay (Releasing May 17th, 2022)

BLOOMSBURY GIRLS – Natalie Jenner (Releasing May 17th, 2022)

SOMETHING WILDER – Christina Lauren (Releasing May 17th, 2022)

JUST LIKE MOTHER – Anne Heltzel (Releasing May 17th, 2022)

HIDDEN PICTURES – Jason Rekulak (Blog Tour & Review – May 18th, 2022)

CHASING LAKES – Katey Walter Anthony (TLC Book Tour Feature – May 20th, 2022)

THE RESISTANCE GIRL – Mary Robotham (TLC Book Tour – May 24th, 2022)

TWO NIGHTS IN LISBON – Chris Pavone (Releasing May 24th, 2022)

HIDE – Kiersten White (Releasing May 24th, 2022)

NEVER COMING HOME – Hannah Mary McKinnon (Releasing May 24th, 2022)

NIGHTWORK – Nora Roberts (Releasing May 24th, 2022)

POISON LILIES – Katie Tallo (Releasing May 24th, 2022)

SOMETHING WICKED – David Housewright (Releasing May 24th, 2022)

THE MURDERS AT FLEAT HOUSE – Lucinda Riley (Releasing May 26th, 2022)

THE DECADENTS – MC Schmidt (TLC Book Tour – May 30th, 2022)

A RIP THROUGH TIME – Kelley Armstrong (Releasing May 31st, 2022)

THE LATECOMER – Jean Hanff Korelitz (Releasing May 31st, 2022)

THE COUNSELORS – Jessica Goodman (Releasing May 31st, 2022)

IT COULD BE ANYONE – Jaime Lynn Hendricks (Releasing May 31st, 2022)

#BuddyReadsToDieFor – THE VANISHED BIRDS – Simon Jimenez

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