TLC Book Tours – Ghost Games by Brooke Mackenzie

Almost time for the holiday weekend!

Thanks to the author and TLC Book Tours for the gifted copy in exchange for my honest review

GHOST GAMES: PLAY AT YOUR PERIL – Brooke MacKenzie (Released March 3rd, 2022)

Book Description:

Do not play this game. This is the standard disclaimer given to anyone who wishes to encounter the supernatural through a potentially dangerous ritual, or “game.” It sounds innocent enough, as each one is named after an everyday object: the closet game, the elevator game, the telephone game…how scary can it really be?

As it turns out, games can be terrifying. And even deadly. Ghost Games is a collection of short horror fiction stories in which each of the main characters decides to throw caution to the wind and play a game in which she summons the paranormal: ghosts, demons, and even other dimensions. What happens next will make you think twice before riding in an elevator, playing with a doll, looking in a mirror, or soaking in a bathtub. There are seven spine-tingling fictional stories – with each one devoted to a specific game – and one non-fiction story, which recounts a real-life experience with a Ouija Board.

For the brave and curious, there is an appendix section which outlines the instructions for playing each of the games featured in the book. If you decide to try them, remember: you play at your peril.

My Thoughts: 4/5 stars

Who doesn’t love playing games? Especially the ones that can be creepy and spooky. We all know these games in some form – the Elevator Game, Three Kings Game, Closet Game, Bloody Mary, Telephone Game, Bathtub Game, Hide and Seek, and the Ouija Board. I loved each story and I think the best part is the detailed outlines/instructions for each game at the back of the book. It’s like Brooke is challenging us to try them out and see if we’re brave enough to after reading these stories. I don’t know about you, but I will never touch a Ouija Board – I’ve seen plenty of horror movies that I know better. I’ll watch my friends use them but I’ll be just an observer. I feel like these are all games we’ve tried at one point or another, and I’ve never been brave enough to actually say Bloody Mary that final time, you know, just to be safe. Knowing that the Ouija Board game story is a non-fiction story recounting a real-life experience begs the question on if you truly believe in ghosts and the supernatural. I highly recommend this one!

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