TLC Book Tour Feature – The Deep Limitless Air by Mary Allen

Happy Friday! Here’s a new memoir to have on your radar.

THE DEEP LIMITLESS AIR: A MEMOIR IN PIECES – Mary Allen (Released May 10th, 2022)

Here’s the synopsis:

From Mary Allen, author of the acclaimed literary memoir, The Rooms of Heaven (Alfred A. Knopf and Vintage Books) comes THE DEEP LIMITLESS AIR: A MEMOIR IN PIECES, a beautiful, funny, warm, and heartbreaking book. In this tour-de-force collection of interconnected personal essays, written with startling simplicity and perfectly observed detail, Allen reflects on past loves, friends, life with and without family; on meditation, obsession, and insomnia; and on the humans and animals, spiritual questions and personal dilemmas that absorb her attention.

Written in a voice both humorous and perceptive, with earned wisdom and light-handed spirituality, Allen’s essays are both readable and relatable. She poses and answers narrative questions large and small—Will she and her father get those honeybees into their new hive while her rageful mother watches from the house? Is someone like the Wizard of Oz orchestrating her recurring dreams? How will she overcome her fears of flying and public speaking to give a speech in New York? And what is that pair of purple panties doing in the middle of the Mojave Desert where she is completely lost?

A compelling memoir, THE DEEP LIMITLESS AIR reveals a storyteller so appealing she instantly feels like a new best friend. Jo Ann Beard, author of Festival Days, says, “Simply put, read this book.”

About the Author:

Mary Allen is a memoir and fiction writer whose themes are spiritual and psychological healing, love, the nature of life and death, and the ways our states of consciousness intersect with our experience of reality. Her writing — and broad range of writing topics — reflect her belief that the personal and the practical, the painful and the numinous, the spiritual and the ordinary are all blended together in our lives and cannot be separated from one another without at least part of the truth being lost.

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