Mini Reviews – August 2022

I know people tend to like longer reviews, but this format has been working really well for me with how busy things have been outside of books. Plus, these are the shorter reviews I leave in my Instagram posts (because a caption can only be so long). This will be a longer post but I also might separate it into two posts so it doesn’t have too much going on.

Thanks to the mentioned publishers and authors for any gifted copies this month

I even have lots of book mail posts to get caught up on – lots of exciting books coming!

GANGLAND – Chuck Hogan (Released August 2nd, 2022 – Thanks to Novel Suspects and Grand Central Publishing for the gifted copy)

Book Description:

From the acclaimed author of The Town, an epic thriller about the secret right‑hand man of one of the most infamous unprosecuted mob bosses in American history, and the hidden crime that will bring down an empire.

In the late 1970s, The Outfit has the entire city of Chicago in its hands. Tony Accardo is its fearless leader. Nicky Passero is his loyal soldier, though no one knows he has a direct line in to the boss of bosses. When the Christmas gift Accardo got for his wife, an inscribed bracelet with gold and diamond inlay, is stolen along with other items in a jewelry heist, Nicky is charged with tracking down and returning all of the items—by whatever means necessary.

Forced into an impossible situation, Nicky must find a way to carry out Accardo’s increasingly unhinged instructions and survive the battle for control of Chicago. What Accardo doesn’t know: Nicky has a secret which has made his life impossible and has put him in the pocket of the FBI.

Based on the true story of Tony Accardo, the longest‑reigning mob capo in history, Gangland is a Shakespearean-esque drama of integrity, lost honor, and revenge. Gritty and action‑packed, it is the ultimate gangster tale and Chuck Hogan’s most thrilling novel yet.

My Thoughts: 5/5 stars

Who else loved The Town? Or mobster movies and books in general? If you need recommendations, I got you. Ever since watching Goodfellas at 11 with my dad I’ve been in love with the genre. Fun fact: Jeremy had me pick movies for our first date and I picked Goodfellas and Gangs of New York 😂 this book did not disappoint. Based on the true story of Tony Accardo (the longest reigning mob capo in history) this was everything you could want from this kind of book. Suspense, mystery, some historical elements and true crime vibes, and the writing was addictive. I need more from Hogan ASAP

THINGS WE DO IN THE DARK – Jennifer Hillier (Released July 19th, 2022 – Thanks to Minotaur Books for the gifted copy)

Book Description:

When Paris Peralta is arrested in her own bathroom—covered in blood, holding a straight razor, her celebrity husband dead in the bathtub behind her—she knows she’ll be charged with murder. But as bad as this looks, it’s not what worries her the most. With the unwanted media attention now surrounding her, it’s only a matter of time before someone from her long hidden past recognizes her and destroys the new life she’s worked so hard to build, along with any chance of a future.

Twenty-five years earlier, Ruby Reyes, known as the Ice Queen, was convicted of a similar murder in a trial that riveted Canada in the early nineties. Reyes knows who Paris really is, and when she’s unexpectedly released from prison, she threatens to expose all of Paris’s secrets. Left with no other choice, Paris must finally confront the dark past she escaped, once and for all.

Because the only thing worse than a murder charge are two murder charges.

Things We Do in the Dark is a brilliant new thriller from Jennifer Hillier, the award-winning author of the breakout novels Little Secrets and Jar of Hearts. Paris Peralta is suspected of killing her celebrity husband, and her long-hidden past now threatens to destroy her future.

My Thoughts: 3/5 stars

This wasn’t my favorite of Hillier’s books BUT I still had fun with it. She’s an author I’ll always recommend to people and this book had all the elements I love about her writing and a solid thriller but there was something that was missing for me. I can’t quite place what it was but I just wanted more. Will I keep reading her books? Obviously!

ALL OF OUR DEMISE (Book Two in ALL OF US VILLAINS Duology) – Amanda Foody & Christine Lynn Herman (Released August 30th, 2022 – Thanks to Tor Teen for the gifted copy)

Book Description:

The epic conclusion to Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman’s New York Times bestselling All of Us Villains duology that’s The Hunger Games with magic.

“I feel like I should warn you: this is going to be absolutely brutal.”

For the first time in this ancient, bloodstained story, the tournament is breaking. The boundaries between the city of Ilvernath and the arena have fallen. Reporters swarm the historic battlegrounds. A dead boy now lives again. And a new champion has entered the fray, one who seeks to break the curse for good… no matter how many lives are sacrificed in the process.

As the curse teeters closer and closer to collapse, the surviving champions each face a choice: dismantle the tournament piece by piece, or fight to the death as this story was always intended.

Long-held alliances will be severed. Hearts will break. Lives will end. Because a tale as wicked as this one was never destined for happily ever after.

My Thoughts: 4/5 stars

All of Us Villains was a 4⭐️ read for me and I was really looking forward to the conclusion! I feel like I shouldn’t have to say it but I will, this is not a standalone and you definitely need to read book one. This also makes it harder to review this one properly here without spoiling things from book one. The continuing character development really made me love some characters I was indifferent to in book one. Plenty of action and magick and was equally mesmerizing as book one. I highly recommend both!

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