September 2022 TBR

The TBR stack – aka the hopefuls for the month – is looking pretty nice!

Thanks to all the publishers and authors for any gifted copies this month.

September also marks the start of the #FallIntoMyBacklist challenge and this is always the best opportunity to force myself to grab those books that have been hiding on my shelf for too long.

September 2022 TBR:

AMERICAN DEMON – Daniel Stashower (Releasing September 6th, 2022)

THE COLOR STORM – Damien Dibben (Releasing September 6th, 2022)

GALLOWS HILL – Darcy Coates (Releasing September 6th, 2022)

AMONG THIEVES – MJ Kuhn (Releasing September 6th, 2022)

THE MOST LIKELY CLUB – Elyssa Friedland (Releasing September 6th, 2022)

CHILDREN OF CATASTROPHE – Sarah Shoemaker (TLC Book Tour Feature- September 7th, 2022)

BAD ANGEL BROTHERS – Paul Theroux (TLC Book Tour Feature – September 11th, 2022)

MARPLE – Agatha Christie (Releasing September 13th, 2022)

THE BEST FRIEND – Jessica Fellowes (Releasing September 13th, 2022)

THE WINTER ORPHANS – Kristin Beck (Releasing September 13th, 2022)

SILVER UNDER NIGHTFALL – Rin Chupeco (Releasing September 13th, 2022)

THE GUEST HOUSE – Robin Morgan-Bentley (Releasing September 13th, 2022)

THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF HOODIE ROSEN – Isaac Blum (Releasing September 13th, 2022)

RIVER OF ASHES – Alexandrea Weiss (TLC Book Tour Feature – September 14th, 2022)

ALL THE BROKEN GIRLS – Linda Hurtado Bond (TLC Book Tour – September 20th, 2022)

BONE WEAVER – Aden Polydoros (Releasing September 20th, 2022)

THE AMERICAN ADVENTURESS – C.W.Gortner (Releasing September 20th, 2022)

GHOST EATERS – Clay McLeod Chapman (Releasing September 20th, 2022)

IMMORAL ORIGINS – Lee Matthew Goldberg (TLC Book Tour – September 21st, 2022)

CLOSING COSTS – Bracken MacLeod (TLC Book Tour Feature – September 26th, 2022)

THE TAKE-OVER FRIEND – Carol Dines (Releasing September 27th, 2022)

MOTHERTHING – Ainslie Hogarth (Releasing September 27th, 2022)

WE SPREAD – Iain Reid (Releasing September 27th, 2022)

THE SENTENCE – Louise Eldrich (TLC Book Tour Feature – September 28th, 2022)

IN THE SHADOW OF A QUEEN – Heather B. Moore (Blog Tour & Review – September 30th, 2022)

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