February 2023 Monthly Wrap Up

Happy March! It’s time to show off what I managed to read in February before getting together the March TBR (which I already know feels daunting, but I’m taking a better approach this month). I have to point out my favorite mug, I can already hear my mom saying, “you’ve always had such an expressive face” whenever I look at it. If my mouth doesn’t say it, my face absolutely will (from Untamed Ego on Instagram)

Thanks to the publishers and authors for any gifted copies this month and I’m happy to report I got another #23in23 title read. Hoping to get a couple read in March.

February 2023 Monthly Wrap Up:

Blog Tour Titles: 3

#23in23 Titles: 1

DNF: 2

IT’S ONE OF US – JT Ellison – 3.5 stars – Blog Tour, Excerpt & Review Here

SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE – Lyn Liao Butler – 3.5 stars – Book Feature & Review Here

THE SPITE HOUSE – Johnny Compton – 5 stars – Review Here

CODE NAME SAPPHIRE – Pam Jenoff – 5 stars – Blog Tour, Excerpt & Review Here

THE FIRES – Sigríður Hagalín Björnsdóttir, Translated by Larissa Kyzer – 3 stars – Review Here

BRIGHT AND DEADLY THINGS – Lexie Elliott – 4 stars – Review Here

SISTER, MAIDEN, MONSTER – Lucy A. Snyder – 4 stars – Review Here

THE BLACK GUY DIES FIRST: BLACK HORROR CINEMA FROM FODDER TO OSCAR – Robin R. Means Coleman, PhD and Mark H. Harris – 5 stars – Review Here

BLACK FOREST – Laramie Dean – 3 stars – #23in23 – Review Here

VENCO – Cherie Dimaline – 5 stars – Review Here

DON’T FEAR THE REAPER – Stephen Graham Jones – 5 stars – TLC Book Tour & Review Here

THE ANGEL MAKER – Alex North – 4 stars – Review Coming Soon

THE 12th COMMANDMENT – Daniel Torday – 3.5 stars – Review Coming Soon


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