Book Feature – Love Betrayal Murder by Adam Mitzner

Releasing next month!

Thanks to GetRed PR and the publisher for the gifted copy – full review coming closer to release day

LOVE BETRAYAL MURDER – Adam Mitzner (Releasing May 16th, 2023)

Here’s the synopsis:

Love: Matthew Brooks and Vanessa Lyons are a perfect match, both attorneys at a powerful New York City law firm. But there’s a small hitch: Matt just made partner, and Vanessa is coming up for partner next year. Two hitches, actually, because Vanessa is married.

Betrayal: Vanessa is assigned to the biggest case at the firm, the one that will determine her own partnership chances. Unfortunately, Matt has been working on the case for years, leaving him no choice but to supervise his lover in violation of firm policies. After the case is over, Vanessa’s ascendance is assured. But when Vanessa is denied her partnership, she can only assume that her affair with Matt was the reason.

Murder: in broad daylight, on a crowded Manhattan street corner. But with so many having been betrayed, will the true murderer be brought to justice? A gripping criminal trial will leave readers unsure of who, if anyone, is telling the truth. All culminating in the shocking final reveal.

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