Welcome to Jessicamap Reviews!

Hello! Welcome friends and fellow book-lovers alike.

I decided to create this space so that I can share what’s on my mind and going on in life. This will mainly be about books though. You’ll occasionally see my monsters pop up – two chocolate labs – Watson and Ellie.

One thing I’m incredibly proud of when it comes to my book collection, is the evolution of my shelving. I went from one conventional book shelf to having over 90 feet of floating shelves (thanks to the help and design from my boyfriend and his many Ryobi tools). Since starting my #bookstagram account, just over a year ago, I focused more on my Stephen King collection. I went from old paperbacks and a few hardcovers to a full collection of hardcover first editions (minus one being a first edition, third printing).

Here they are in all their glory. Heart eyes for days.

I guess I can wrap this first post up with some of my favorite King titles. Now, as you’ll come to learn, I am partial to the Bachman titles. I’ll do my best to not have them overpower my top 5!

  1. The Regulators – Richard Bachman (1996)
  2. Four Past Midnight – Stephen King (1990)
  3. The Long Walk – Richard Bachman (1979)
  4. Carrie – Stephen King (1974)
  5. IT – Stephen King (1986)

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you’ll stick around for all the reviewing fun!



4 thoughts on “Welcome to Jessicamap Reviews!

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  1. I used to read all Stephen Kinig novels until I read GERALD’S GAME, which I thought was awful. It turned me off to King until I read 11/22/63. What a fantastic book!

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    1. I love seeing how people vary with his books. There are some everyone seems to agree on and others where you either love it or hate it. 11/22/63 is a fantastic read – did you ever watch the show?


  2. Love Stephen King, but was blown away by his pseudonym Richard Bachman…The Regulators and Desperation…both books you have to put down for a moment and then can’t wait to pick up again!!

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