What is #CJSReads2017 ?

Well, I’m very far behind my co-creators in posting this, but let me explain what this #CJSReads2017 tag is that you’ve been seeing on our Instagrams.


I believe it all started because of our shared love for BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by @BAParisAuthor . We all read it around the same time and a group chat was created to geek out about it, and BAM! Here we are finishing up our 5th month of a buddy read. We all love anything thriller, horror, mystery, or crime – so why not read the same awesome books together? To date, we have read a total of 54 titles together. Talk about commitment – averaging 10 books a month!


So who is the trio behind #CJSReads2017 ? I’ll introduce you 🙂


The ‘C’ is for our New Yorker, Chandra:

Bookstagram is something I started in March of 2016 and I am delighted to find like minded individuals who have a passion for reading and all things bookish. With the inspiration, help and seeing the success of others, it has prompted me to start my own blog, up my reading and know there’s a safe place for me to “book out” whenever I needed to. Since everyone on Bookstagram is from all parts of the world, there is always someone available to chat with no matter what the time. I’m excited for my monthly/buddy reads and upcoming collaborations.
Currently based in Astoria (Queens), New York, I have lived in various countries and cities due to being from a military family. I have found that my passions tend to change as years pass, but one thing remained consistent: my love of books. Where the Reader Grows is a play on the title of my favorite book and on life in general, as each new experience and place of residence has helped me grow throughout the years. There are certainly more adventures to be had – please come along and join me via my blog page.
Twitter: @WTReaderGrows https://twitter.com/WTReaderGrows
The ‘S’ is for our Canadian, Sam:
Reading has always been my thing; I’ve been on the hunt for amazing books for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I would devour Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen mysteries (I started my own detective agency for my neighbours ). I moved quickly along to V.C Andrews and Carolyn Keene. Before you knew it I was on the hunt for the next Gone Girl. After I stumbled across the bookstagram community and become an avid “book blog stalker”, I decided to take the plunge start my own in September 2016 and never looked back!
Residing in Ontario, Canada, I teach by day and blog by night. Although I would never discriminate, mystery, thriller and suspense novels fill my TBR list; dabbling in some books in the horror genre and occasionally some romance, come check me out at Clues and Reviews for my thoughts, reviews, and general bookish ramblings.
Blog: www.cluesandreviews.wordpress.com
IG: @cluesandreviews https://www.instagram.com/cluesandreviews/
Twitter: @cluesandreviews https://twitter.com/cluesandreviews
FB: Clues and Review https://www.facebook.com/cluesandreviews/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/20224869-sam-clues-and-reviews
Then there’s me, the ‘J’ of the equation:
I’ve always had a passion for reading. Ever since I picked up a copy of Carrie at the age of 10 I’ve been hooked on all things horror! I stumbled upon Bookstagram in February 2016 and couldn’t believe that there were so many people out there that loved books as much as (if not more than) I did. Meeting so many people in so many places is exciting. Getting recommendations for books and authors I may not have even known about has been great, but the best part is the amazing community. Not to mention the #cjsreads2017 buddy read beginning.
Currently residing in a small town in the middle of nowhere Minnesota (with two chocolate lab monsters and a non-reader boyfriend), but born and raised in a suburb of Minneapolis. My interest in reading stemmed from my parents both being avid readers. My mother ALWAYS made sure to read to us before bed, until we were old enough to start reading aloud to her (we read the Harry Potter series). So many books, so little time…but you better believe I’m going to try!
Twitter: @jessmapreviews https://twitter.com/jessmapreviews

Hope you’ve enjoyed our selections so far in the year, and we have some more awesome titles coming your way!


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