A God in the Shed – J.F. Dubeau

Happy belated release to J.F. Dubeau’s A GOD IN THE SHED (out on June 13th!)

Oh man. If you want horror and gore, then you need to pick this one up! This is another June #CJSReads2017 selection and I’m so happy we chose a horror book. As you all know, I’m some what of a horror fan 😉

As you can all see, I have a little photobomber. I mean, I know she’s cute, but man was she persistent. Every time I’d push her back, she’d wiggle in close enough so that when I got the right angle for my photo, she’d be back in the frame. Silly little dog.



My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

So I was instantly drawn to this book for two reasons – that cover and then the comparison to other great horror authors (King, Simmons, Barker, etc). There was also a mention of the occult and the sentence, “Stephen King’s IT meets Jeepers Creepers.” Otherwise, I went into it blindly – oh my god. If you want a great horror story, then you need to pick up A GOD IN THE SHED by J. F. Dubeau.

I just have to say, that prologue. Wow! That really sets the tone for this entire book. This is a very atmospheric thriller taking place in Quebec, Canada – specifically the small village of Saint-Ferdinand. This small village has everything you’d expect; farmhouses, one main street, small police precinct, a grocery store, and a couple of diners. However, the most unusual thing about this town is the cemetery – far too large, and too full, for such a small area. All are victims from the Saint-Ferdinand Killer, who successfully eluded police for almost 20 years until Inspector Stephen Crowley caught him.

Now that he’s been caught, a much darker force is uncovered. A dark spirit has revealed itself to Venus – a local teenager. This creatures shows her what its capable of and that it has a long seeded history with Saint-Ferdinand. Something so dark and evil that the serial murders just barely scratch the surface.

It is told in multiple perspectives, which could get a little bit confusing, but I love that style of writing. So much gore, blood, and twisted things happening in this small town. It does have a slower pace to it, but I couldn’t put it down! I had to know the next demented thing that was going to happen. The characters were very well-developed and complex – Dubeau made it so easy to connect with the characters (even the serial killer!).

It was left open ended because – as I just learned – this is part one of a trilogy. So I can’t be upset that not all my questions were answered. Without a doubt, I’ll be getting book 2 and 3. If you’re a fan of horror, ghosts, monsters, the occult, and serial killers, then I’d highly recommend this one to you.


A big thanks to Inkshares for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!



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