#allthebookreviews – No Turning Back by Tracy Buchanan

And the June releases keep on coming! The next in the #allthebookreviews line up – NO TURNING BACK by Tracy Buchanan (released June 13th, 2017) is a great thriller for her US debut.

Chandra and I weigh in on this domestic thriller involving a serial killer and a mother learning just how far she’ll go to save her infant daughter.


Chandra’s Thoughts: 3.5/5 stars

Recently split from her husband, Anna Graves takes her daughter out for a normal walk on the beach. A confrontation with a crazed teen ends in Anna killing him to protect her child. Innocent until (media) proven guilty, she mentally starts to lose it. A serial killer lain dormant for two decades, shows up again, taunting her. As more death piles up, the coincidences to her presence make her the prime suspect. Her friends, the police, even her family, start to question her. Her only ally? The brother of the kid she killed. But can she truly trust him? And is the “Ophelia Killer” back?

A true thriller encompassing the question of how far someone would go to protect their own. Fast paced, easy to follow and seen through Anna’s perspective for most of the book, we see the emotional toll each horrible instance takes on Anna. There are a few flashback scenes that come into play, but they’re so intermittently put in that I actually forget about them until they pop up again. I had a hard time comprehending death by red, long toothed comb. And while I didn’t expect that ending, I needed some more. Give me more background in the flashbacks. Really tie it all in so I get a better understanding of where it all came from. That being said, it’s a dark, twisted ride that any lover of thrillers will enjoy. 3.5 stars!

My Thoughts: 4/5 stars

I’m definitely guilty of wanting this book for its cover. Have you seen those colors? But the tagline on the cover also had my attention: “How far would you go to protect your child?” Color me intrigued!

Anna Graves has had her entire life turned upside down. A new mother returning to work while trying to get acclimated to her new schedule of late nights and early mornings, and to top it all off, her husband has just left her. The stress is beginning to take over. Then one day, every mother’s worst nightmare happens. Anna and her daughter are going for a walk on the beach when she’s attacked by a teenager. Letting her instincts kick in, Anna reacts to protect her new baby.

Everything begins to spiral out of control after the teenager dies from the sustained injuries. While the police believed Anna’s story, the autopsy results come back to reveal much more sinister motives. It is discovered that Elliot was poisoned before his death, but there’s something significant about this poison, it’s the same one that was used by The Ophelia Killer. Twenty years ago, the town was tormented by a murderer that targeted young teenage boys and was known as The Ophelia Killer. After the assault, Anna receives a chilling message from someone signed “TOK” – in the email are details about the poison and what happened to Elliot.

The police won’t help her find The Ophelia Killer, and everyone begins turning on her. The media frenzy turns on her and so do her friends and colleagues. The only person that will help her search for justice, Jamie, Elliot’s brother. No one is safe with TOK on the loose.

Anna’s mental state deteriorates throughout this book as she tries to stop The Ophelia Killer and we go on that ride with her. It was a fast paced read and it didn’t stop. It grabbed me and kept my attention throughout. Tracy Buchanan did a great job with the characters – very well-developed and relatable. Anna is a mother through and through. While she isn’t perfect, her number one priority is her daughter and keeping her safe.

If you want an easy to read, quick thriller with some intertwining stories, then you’ll definitely want to pick this one up! How far would you go to protect those you love?



A big thanks to Crooked Lane Books for the copies in exchange for our honest opinions!


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