The Silent Corner – Dean Koontz

Being a huge suspense, horror, and thriller fan, many people find it interesting that I’ve only ever read one Koontz book – PHANTOMS. I really liked that one, so when the opportunity came for me to get a copy of THE SILENT CORNER, I did not pass up the opportunity. Needless to say, I was not disappointed and I can’t wait for this series to continue on.

The upcoming release from Dean Koontz, THE SILENT CORNER, is releasing June 20th, 2017!


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

“I very much need to be dead.” These are the chilling final words left behind by a man who seemingly had everything to live for. His widow, Jane Hawk, is grief- stricken and afraid, decides that she needs to stop at nothing to find the truth behind her husband’s apparent suicide. Along the way to find answers, she discovers that there are many other talented, accomplished people that have been committing suicide in large numbers.

She quickly becomes the most wanted fugitive in America. Being chased by the FBI she needs to go off the grid to avoid getting caught. She’s getting too close to some closely guarded secrets that they will execute anyone that gets too close.

This book has some serious Enemy of the State vibes (the awesome Will Smith movie). Lies, government corruption, espionage, and conspiracy. The use of cameras and surveillance┬ávideos in order to find Jane and track her gave it an eerie, unsettling, and creepy vibe. That can happen – and I’m sure it does in the US. This is a fast paced novel with short chapters. I love the shorter chapters since I’m a person that reads chapter to chapter – “oh I only have to read 5 more pages and I’m at the next chapter”.

So many unanswered questions and I can’t wait for the next book in the Jane Hawk series. The use of technology in this gave it a different element for a thriller. So if you want a contemporary thriller/suspense, then I’d highly recommend this one to you.


A big thanks to Random House and Bantam Books for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!


Any recommendations on the next Koontz book I should read??



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