LOVED – PC Cast and Kristin Cast

Coming out tomorrow!! Book one in the new series from PC Cast and Kristin Cast – LOVED: A House of Night Other World series. This was also a #CJSReads2017 July title selection.

This book will be released tomorrow – July 11th, 2017 – on the 10th anniversary of their House of Night series.


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

Not going to lie, when I read the intro and some of the descriptions I was incredibly confused. The thought, “isn’t this book one in a series??” popped into my head a couple of times. However, as I continued I found that I wasn’t lost at all. LOVED by PC Cast and Kristin Cast is book one of A House of Night Other World series. This book had a great pace and was a quick and fluid read.

This book takes place a year after the House of Night series ended – Zoey and her fellow Nerd Herd have defeated Neferet. The close friends have now gone their separate ways. However, when Zoey is visited in a dream by Kalona, everything is about to change. Kalona brings warning that Neferet could be stirring again, and the potential key to stopping her is hiding in her journal. Zoey calls together the Nerd Herd once again, but have these once close friends been apart for too long?

Everyone of the Nerd Herd is facing their own personal struggles – Stevie Rae is homesick, Damien is beginning to battle the resurgence of depression, and Aphrodite is cracking under the immense pressure from her mother. The characters must battle their inner demons, but in the meantime, zombie vampires are unleashed upon their world.

To be honest, if this book didn’t have that intro/recap in the beginning, I wouldn’t have liked this book as much. It did cause some confusion at first, but it definitely got me completely up-to-date and a little familiar with the characters. I really enjoyed their writing. It’s always interesting when books are co-written because you always wonder if their styles will mesh together seamlessly – I definitely couldn’t see any disconnects between chapters!

Despite this being a book with preexisting characters from another series, I still feel like I got to know them well enough. I really enjoyed Aphrodite’s character. This is definitely a fantasy and paranormal YA novel. So if you aren’t a fan of YA, then this probably won’t be for you. It was a pleasant surprise for me! If you like vampires and zombies, then it’d highly recommend this one to you.

I give this one 4/5 stars! Without that introduction it would have probably gone towards 3.5 stars.

A big thanks to Blackstone Publishing for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!

Check back soon to see Chandra and Sam’s thoughts as well 🙂


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  1. Hi Jessica! Awesome post! I think it is awesome that this book is still a stand alone series even though we already know the characters from HON. It makes me even more excited to get my copy! Thanks for your insightful post!


    1. Hi! Thank you 🙂 Being someone that hasn’t read their HON series I was definitely able to follow along. I really liked that they had a recap as their introduction to the book. So for returning readers or for new ones. Hopefully you enjoy it!


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