The Beyond Experience – Michael Reid Jr

After loving his first book, when Michael Reid Jr came out with THE BEYOND EXPERIENCE I was excited to get a copy! Being described as “An emotional medical suspense novel that flirts with science fiction, and the premise of visiting the afterlife.”


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

THE BEYOND EXPERIENCE is the sophomore novel from Michael Reid Jr. I loved his first book and I was very excited to start this one. A very emotional, spiritual, scientific, and unique read. Never thought you’d see spiritual and scientific next to each other for a description of a book!

Dr. Lewis and his assistant Kyle team up to try pushing the limits of different drugs that Lewis had spent a decade perfecting. His past – childhood abuse, loss of his fiance, rejecting an offer from Harvard – is causing him to be hesitant, but Kyle eventually convinces him. Their experiments lead to thousands of patients, Kyle being one of them, experiencing the sensation of “going to Heaven”.┬áThe scientific side of Lewis is conflicted with what Kyle had spiritually experienced. He is relentless in his search for a specific neural pathway within the brain that would explain this phenomena thousands had experienced.

With his past catching up, Lewis realizes he can’t avoid it much longer. A divide becomes to form between the two friends, Kyle and Lewis. No matter how much he resists, he is being pushed to enter The Beyond Experience himself. Will he finally get the closure he needs and find out why his fiance’s final words were, “Forgive me.”?

This book crosses a few different genres – there’s the science fiction portion and a spiritual side. Like a fellow book lover stated in her review, Reid has come into a potential new hybrid genre: Spiritual Sci-Fi (well put, Sadie!) Just as it was with his debut novel, the amount of research that went into this novel shows. It was such a unique reading experience. For those of you that aren’t very religiously or spiritually inclined (I’d say I fall into that category), don’t let the description deter you. This is much more scientific and about human emotions in regards to life and what lies beyond.

If you want a book that bends genres and provides a unique reading experience then look no further. If you want human like characters  that are emotional and flawed, this is one you need to pick up. If you want a well-paced and researched book, then grab a copy of THE BEYOND EXPERIENCE.


I’d highly recommend this to anyone!!


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