Bring Her Home – David Bell

Another release from July 11th! It was a popular day for some great thrillers to release 🙂 Big thanks to Berkley Pub for the copy in exchange for my honest review! #PRHpartner

BRING HER HOME by David Bell was no different. We had this as a #CJSReads2017 July selection. So be sure to check back tomorrow for our collective reviews!


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

This was my introduction to David Bell’s writing – I’ve always heard great things and I was not disappointed with this one! BRING HER HOME is a thriller being described as tense, twisty, and completely immersive. I couldn’t agree more with this! This was one that I picked up and didn’t want to put down (but responsibilities made it so I had to take an intermission)

This story is about Bill Price’s worst nightmare. His daughter, Summer, and her best friend, Haley, go missing. Days later, they’re found. Haley is dead at the scene while Summer is left for dead and nearly unrecognizable. As the days pass after they’re found, Bill begins to wonder if this is really his daughter. She will only repeat the chilling word, “no”, over and over again.

As questions arise about Summer and what the girls endured, Bill finds himself unprepared for the answers. He quickly discovers that everyone, living or dead, has secrets that can tear families apart.

I thought this was a great thriller. It was a slower build up, but it was so worth it. Bell does a great job pulling in the readers and making them want more. Bill was so well developed – he felt real, like someone you knew. As for the twists and turns, they were unexpected and kept me guessing throughout the book. This is something that feels like it could really happen, which made it even more unsettling.

If you’re a fan of a more real life thriller with a main character you can really get invested in, then this the book for you! If you like a thriller that keeps you thinking then this is one you’ll have to pick up! I’ll be out finding more of Bell’s novels now.


Any recommendations on the next David Bell novel I should pick up??


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