Ten Dead Comedians – Fred Van Lente

Any Clue fans out there?

One deserted island!
Two nights of terror!
Three secret rooms!
Four double crosses!
Five critical clues!
Six creepy clown paintings!
Seven words you can’t say on television!
Eight comic monologues!
Nine possible suspects!

TEN DEAD COMEDIANS by Fred Van Lente (released July 11th) is one of our #allthebookreviews titles. Chandra is even helping host a game of Clue on Instagram!


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

Advertised as being similar to the board game Clue, this murder mystery is about 9 washed up comedians being called together for what they think will be a workshop. They’re all so eager to go because the man calling together the weekend away is a successful comedian they all looked up to at the beginnings of their careers. TEN DEAD COMEDIANS by Fred Van Lente is a satirical murder mystery with hints of Agatha Christie and Clue.

We get a glimpse into the lives of eight different comedians. They’re all on the downward slope of their fame and trying to hold onto it. When they all receive text messages from Dustin Walker asking for them to meet with him on his private island, no one hesitates.

In true Clue and AND THEN THERE WERE NONE form, the host is found dead. As if that doesn’t cause enough panic, the comedians find themselves to be the next targets. The mystery was great. I honestly was shocked at the ending and who ended up being the killer! Well done to Van Lente on putting this classic feeling murder mystery.

The chapters were separated by the different comedic monologues from the characters. Those helped show more of the character and each of the monologues ended up including some mention of their idol. The characters were an eclectic group – some old school comedians, podcasters, millennials, a prop comedian, and even some improv. However, I wasn’t a fan of a couple of the characters – probably expected given their development.

If you want some satire with a dark twist or if you like the old school murder mysteries, then I’d highly recommend this book. If you’re a fan of Agatha Christie or Clue you’ll also love this. I jumped at this book because it was described to be like the board game!


A big thanks to Quirk Books for the copy in exchange for my honest review!

Be sure to check back for Chandra’s thoughts on this title as well 🙂 Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch the cult class – CLUE!


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