The Con Artist – Fred Van Lente

Isn’t this cover the best? Probably the cutest way to illustrate a murder.

Thanks to Quirk Books for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

THE CON ARTIST – Fred Van Lente (Releasing July 10th, 2018)

This was in their BookPop! Box a couple of months ago. I really enjoyed Van Lente’s release from last year, TEN DEAD COMEDIANS, you can see that review here.


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

My introduction to Fred Van Lente was last year’s release, TEN DEAD COMEDIANS, and I loved it. I really enjoy his writing style and how well it flowed. The conversations felt real and authentic, like I could definitely hear some of my friends talking this way. I received THE CON ARTIST from Quirk Books in their BookPop! Box one month and I instantly fell in love with the cover. Talk about the cutest way to depict a murder.

This is told from the perspective of Mike Miller, a comic book artist. He is on his way to the Sand Diego Comic Con, not only to fill his seat in Artists’ Alley but to present a lifetime achievement award to his friend Ben K (referred to The Great One). Upon his arrival he finds out immediately that Ben has passed away.

After that first night at the Con, Mike runs into a former colleague, and the man who his wife had left him for. He takes a drunken swing at Danny Lieber, and is then thrown out of the hotel. The next morning, he is approached by two police officers with news that Danny Lieber was found shot to death. Now with Mike as the prime suspect, he must try to clear his name and find out who the true killer is.

Van Lente’s experience here shines through. It was so fun being able to experience the convention while reading this. I have never been to one, but I have plenty of friends that have. This is a great combo of a whodunit and the world of fandoms. There were some good twists throughout, great illustrations that include some clues scattered within, and is a great choice for those wanting a mystery on the lighter side!


Have you been to a Comic Con? What was that like?



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