The Breakdown – BA Paris

Another highly anticipated sophomore novel! This seems to be the year of follow up novels. We started out with Paula Hawkins in May followed by Fiona Barton in June, and now BA Paris’ follow up to BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

THE BREAKDOWN by BA Paris (releasing July 18th!) is another domestic thriller from the author of the hugely successful BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. It’s only fitting that this is a July #CJSReads2017 title – Paris’ first book was what got us started 🙂

Check back tomorrow for our collective reviews and thoughts!

IMG_20170716_185054_984 (1)

My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

For any author it’s always difficult to follow up a monster success. BA Paris’ first novel, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, was a fantastic thriller. I absolutely loved it, so I was incredibly excited to see that Paris had a new book coming out, THE BREAKDOWN. This was a domestic thriller with an unreliable narrator – something I’ve definitely come to love in a novel. I also love the tag line, “if you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?”

Cass is driving home during a storm one night. She passes a car pulled over and she sees a woman sitting in the car. She continues on her way home. The next day she learns that this same woman she drove by, was found murdered just hours after she saw her. Now Cass is trying to live with herself over the guilt of not helping the woman or doing anything to save her.

Since that night Cass has been forgetful. She can’t seem to remember simple things like where she left her keys, their home alarm code, and whether or not she took her medication. She’s consumed by her guilt and this feeling she can seem to shake – that someone is watching her.

Overall, this was a good domestic thriller! The beginning is much slower of a build than I expected. Cass got to be incredibly frustrating! You just wanted to tell her to pull herself together and get over it. That being said, Paris did a great job developing her as a character. I love Paris’ writing style because it reads fast and keeps you guessing. I really liked the ending and how there was a twist thrown in that I definitely wasn’t expecting!

If you like domestic thrillers and unreliable narrators, then this is one you’ll definitely enjoy! There were parts where the plot dragged and felt repetitive, but that didn’t take away from the writing.

I give this 4/5 stars! I was going back and forth between 3.5 and 4, but the ending helped bump it up!


A big thanks to St .Martin’s Press for sending me the copy in exchange for my honest review!

Again, check back tomorrow to see our collective thoughts!


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