Those That Remain – Rob Ashman

In preparation for my blog tour spot tomorrow for book two in The Mechanic Trilogy, I thought I’d share my thoughts on book one – THOSE THAT REMAIN by Rob Ashman.

This was an intense and chilling serial killer thriller and I absolutely loved it! I’m so excited to share book two with you all tomorrow – IN YOUR NAME!




My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

I’ve always been a big fan of serial killer books. Whether it’s true crime or fiction – it’s always fascinated me when we go inside the mind of the killer. THOSE THAT REMAIN by Rob Ashman is book one in the Mechanic Trilogy and I absolutely loved it! It sent a chill down my spine reading about what this killer did. We get to see through the eyes of the cop chasing them down and through the eyes of killer themselves.

Lucas is a police officer that is getting close to retirement in a small and mostly unexciting Florida town. Then one day an incredibly brutal serial killer, code-named The Mechanic, turns his life upside down. The crazy thing about the Mechanic killings continuing is that they thought the killer died three years ago. There is no mistaking the savage, sadistic, and ritualistic killings are the work of Mechanic. How is Mechanic always one step ahead of him? Who can he trust and is he willing to go outside the law in order to catch them?

This one wasn’t too heavy on the police procedural, which I really enjoyed. When they’re over saturated in the procedurals then it starts to drag – this one had a great balance. We switch perspectives from Lucas to the mysterious killer, Mechanic, throughout the book. It was so interesting reading from their different view points. I love a book that goes into the mind of the serial killer. It makes it chilling and feel real.

I really liked Lucas, Ashman did a great job developing him and letting the readers really connect. On the flip side, Mechanic is also well-developed. A truly damaged and disturbed character. Being able to see through their eyes to try and understand why they are committing these brutal murders was intriguing and unsettling. I won’t give away much more to the plot as there’s a huge twist at the end that I wasn’t expecting! So excited to continue with IN YOUR NAME (book two) for the blog tour tomorrow!


A big thanks to Bloodhound Books and Sarah Hardy for sending me an advanced ebook copy in exchange for my honest review!

Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on book two – IN YOUR NAME – on my spot for the blog tour! So excited because it’s a great read and it’s my first blog tour I’m participating in!


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