So Many Book Stacks!

You know you’re a Bookstagrammer or book blogger when your buffet and table are covered in books and mugs for photos you took days ago!

Here is the culmination of a week of book mail, finishing books, and taking photos. If you haven’t noticed, I like to take my review post photos with mugs or coffee, so those have been stacked together after cleaning them.

It’s a good problem to have – but I need the space! So back to the shelves they go 🙂



So many books, mugs, and book sleeves. I’ll never complain about this problem – if anything it’s rather impressive how quickly they accumulate in one spot!


See any on your TBR? Any that you’ve read?



2 thoughts on “So Many Book Stacks!

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  1. Oooh, where do you get your book sleeves from? My books keep getting battered and scratched in my bag – I could do with one myself!


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