The Nocturnal Reader’s Box – The Feast

It’s mid-July, which means it’s time to share the unboxing of the newest The Nocturnal Reader’s Box 🙂

For those of you that haven’t heard of them, they are a monthly subscription box (like Owlcrate and others) but they focus on horror, sci-fi, thrillers, and other dark genres. The boxes are always full of awesome and useful items – best part? It’s not a gender focused box, so guys can order it and get things they’d enjoy (not a bunch of jewelry or other paper items).

This month’s theme was The Feast – lets dig in!


Look at all this amazing stuff!

  • COME TO DUST by Bracken MacLeod
  • BLEED by Ed Kurtz (he has another book featured in a past box!)
  • NOS4A2 bicycle license plate
  • THE TROOP inspired enamel pin
  • “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Friends” apron
  • Jaws inspired bottle opener/keychain
  • Bookmarks
  • A mini wine glass inspired by THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS – “A census taker tried to test me once…”
  • Beautifully creepy artwork done by Michael Broom (find him on Instagram – @michaelbroomart )


I loved this month’s box! I was going to be incredibly disappointed if there wasn’t anything from THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, but come on, we all know they wouldn’t leave that out!

For those of you still debating, you seriously need to subscribe to them! Especially if you’re a horror fan. I’m not a rep, but one of my favorite book babes is! Use Leah’s code (aka @kingandcoffee on Instagram) “KINGCOFFEE15” for 15% off your subscription. Next month’s theme is: Infected and Infested.


Check out The Nocturnal Reader’s Box here:


Twitter: @nocturnalreads




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