A Day in the Life of Watson & Ellie

While this is mainly a book blog, I do have other things going on in my life besides reading. Madness, I know! Most of my days are filled with playing with these two monsters. Watson and Ellie.


Now, I do have a little section for them on my page, and this link will be added to it, but I wanted to share more about them for those of you that haven’t ventured over there.

Despite what people seem to think, both of them are purebred AKC certified chocolate labs. I’ve heard some of the dumbest things from people – that work with dogs even. The conversation went like this:

“Oh he’s so handsome, what kind of dog is he?” – woman from where we board them

“He’s a lab.” – me

“But what is he mixed with?” – woman from where we board them

“Ummm…another lab?” – me

“Oh, I could swear I see some Blue Heeler in the mix.” – woman from where we board them

What was she smoking? He’s clearly a lab. Can you tell that still bothers me?

So, what does a typical day look like for Watson & Ellie? Let’s find out!

8am: Jeremy or I let them out and they go straight outside

8:00-8:15am: Do their business and Watson gets in some smells (literally stands there with his nose in the air smelling)

8:15-8:20am: Eat all of the food (Ellie requires a slow feeder otherwise she eats so fast she pukes)

8:20-8:40am: Back outside to run and do more business – more smells

9am-12pm: In kennels doing dog stuff while we work until lunch

12pm-12:15pm: Let outside quick for more smells

12:15pm-3:30pm: In kennels sleeping in weird positions all day

3:30pm-8pm: Run and run and run. Fetch stick until mom/dad gets tired. Play with each other and run into furniture. Beg mom for food as she eats at the table. Watson is skilled at placing his large head in my lap and drooling. Ellie will keep inching closer and closer to me. Nice try, guys. I see what you’re trying to do.

8pm-8:10pm: Eat all of the food

8:10pm-whenever mom/dad goes to sleep: Outside for smells. Run and run and run. Both try to curl up on dog bed. Change sleeping positions a minimum of 7 times.


As you can see, they have very busy days. My favorite is when I’m sitting on the floor playing with them and Watson comes up to me, puts his head so lovingly on my shoulder, waits for me to look at him, and then sneezes.

These two also have a plethora of nicknames.

Dr Watson McComas aka Watson, Fuzzbutt, Big Dummie, Brown Cow, Monster

Ellie Mae Robins aka Ellie, Grubby, Baby Girl, Little One


I’ll explain the two weird ones: Brown Cow and Grubby


Watson tends to make these weird noises. Not a growl or a bark, but he’ll make this grunting sound that comes out like a deep mooing. So Jeremy started saying to him, “How now brown cow” whenever he’d make that noise. And the nickname kind of stuck.


Ellie is affectionately known as Grubby. This is because we had to put her kennel in our guest room (construction in the entryway where they normally would be). Jeremy wanted to put her against the bed to make more space in the room and I told him no, she needs to be in the center of the room. This is because, and I quote, “then she can’t get her grubby little paws on anything”. She’s been known to pull things into her kennel if she can reach it.


To all the people that think dogs have no personalities, they need to come meet my two dogs. They’re hilarious and do the quirkiest things. I always wonder what the other two dogs would have been like that we didn’t pick. Both times we had two to choose from. I grabbed the chubbiest ones and then Jeremy looked them over and agreed. I can’t imagine not having these two idiots in my life. As my friend and I always say, the chocolate labs are probably the dumbest and most hilarious of the three labs.




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