A Day in the Life of Jessicamap Reviews

Whether you’ve been following me for awhile or for a short amount of time (I appreciate all of you!) then you’ll know that this blog is for everything books. Book mail, book reviews, blog tours, book tours, #allthebookreviews, #CJSReads, and other random things



Well, I figured it would be fun to change things up and share what I do outside of just books. How crazy is that? Bookworms doing things other than reading?? Madness!


(Look at this great family photo – this is a rarity that Watson isn’t screwing it up by blinking or making some dumb face. Dogs, right?)

Some people always ask how I manage to get so much reading done, well I have a little more free time than others. I have no commute to or from work. I don’t *technically* work from home though. My boyfriend and I manage and run his family’s online business and we were fortunate enough to have a warehouse with a house on the property. There was A LOT of remodeling that needed to be done, but it’s just how we want it! My commute to work is literally 10 steps from my bedroom to the inside of the warehouse. What is this business you may be wondering? (Healthy Heart Market #shamelessbusinessmention) Well, we specialize in low and no sodium foods. We ship directly to the customer, so we’re kind of like an online grocery store. People just place their orders online, or they can call in, and we’ll ship their order out them that same day (or within the next 24 hours). My days are never the same – one day it can be 150+ orders and we’re running around like mad and then the next day could be multiple semis dropping off and having to restock the warehouse. I love the variety in my job because I have about 10 different job titles but when people ask I just say I’m the General Manager.


(Literally attached to work. Oh hey, car! That’s my Xterra)

When we’re done with work we make the grueling trek back into the house and let the dogs out. If we need to run any errands then we’ll try to leave as soon as we can (after the dogs get sufficient play time). The downside to where we live is that we’re about an hour drive from everywhere we need to go. Groceries? That’s an hour. Bookstore? That’s an hour. Starbucks? Dammit, that’s an hour. The closest gym to us was 35 minutes away – so over an hour of total drive time. If that doesn’t instantly kill your motivation then I don’t know what will!

There’s no “running to the store quick” when you forget something. Too bad, you clearly didn’t need it haha lists are my best friend when I leave the house. I will say though, that there are definitely times we find the dumbest reasons to leave because cabin fever is a real issues some days.

(Ellie (aka Little One or Grubby) and Watson (aka Fuzzbutt or Cow. See this post for the explanations of the nicknames)

The rest of the day consists of playing with the dogs, reading, and then working out at home. I’ve been doing an HIIT program and have successfully lost over 30lbs since September! So that fills up the time at night. As for reading, Jeremy and I made a new rule. We have to read double the amount of time that he is on his phone (this is his new rule to help him read more). So after work we check the screen usage time on his phone and we have our night planned!


(Always on the road!)

The weekends are usually filled with odd projects, visiting friends, or random shopping trips to fill in the day. If Jeremy is gone then I take that opportunity to read and watch a marathon of horror movies – they aren’t his favorite, so I take full advantage of it!

I think I’ve rambled on a sufficient amount. So if you’ve made it this far, then congratulations! I appreciate you sticking with it lol so here’s a fun fact. My username for Instagram (and now this blog) – Jessicamap – is my name. Jessica Map is my first and middle name. Hold on now, I know what you’re thinking, “why the hell is Map her middle name?” Well, I’m glad you asked. My dad’s sister’s name was Pam and his nickname for her was Map (see what he did there?) and she died in surgery shortly before I was born. So my parents wanted to do either Jessica Pamela or Jessica Map. My mom picked Map so that “I can tell the story every time.” Not so random now, is it?


Love you guys! Have a great weekend and get reading and enjoying yourself!


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