Body Parts – Jessica Kapp

What would you do if you thought you were going to be going home with a foster family, just to wake up in a hospital and find out your sole purpose for life was to eventually harvest your organs. What?? Tell me more!

Big thanks to Diversion Books for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

BODY PARTS by Jessica Kapp – releasing tomorrow, August 15th is another selection for the August #allthebookreviews list.


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

When I read the description for this book it instantly stood out to me. BODY PARTS by Jessica Kapp is a unique thriller with a topic that isn’t covered much. I loved how original it was and the suspense kept me flipping pages!

Tabitha is a 16 year old girl living at the Center for Excellence – previously from the Center for Growth. She’s been here since she was 6 years old, after her parents were killed in a car crash. She and the other kids are raised to be in peak physical and mental shape because they are told that potential foster families are looking for the best of the best. One day Tabitha is chosen by a family. The day she leaves to meet her foster family she wakes up in the hospital – drugged and on an operating table. In the confusion a group of teenagers rescue her.

Her rescuers tell her that there was never a foster family and that the sole purpose for the Center is to raise the children to be in peak physical shape so that their organs can be harvested when a match is found. With Tabitha being a redhead, she is sought after and unique. Can she and her new found friends save the other kids from the Center and bring down PharmPerfect to stop these practices?

This story had so many great elements to it. Suspense, enough confusion, and great character relationships. Who can Tabitha really trust? I loved the characters and the reader could really connect with them. There is a bit of a romance thrown into the mix, but nothing to make you roll your eyes at (for people that don’t like that element in a suspense novel). Also, with it being completely from Tabitha’s point of view, the book doesn’t read too much like a YA novel.

The first thing my boyfriend said when I told him the synopsis is that this needs to be a movie. I completely agree, this would translate very well on the big screen! I will definitely be looking for more from Jessica Kapp in the future.

If you want a unique premise for a lighter suspense novel, with well-developed and relateable characters, then this is the novel for you!

I highly recommend this survival and medical suspense story! Check back tomorrow to see what Chandra and I collectively thoughts!



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