Book Mail – Sins of the Father by Michael Reid Jr

Got some surprise book mail yesterday – thanks to the author, Michael Reid Jr.

Book two in the Logan Falcone series – SINS OF THE FATHER (releasing September 22nd)

Book one in the series being DEBT OF FEAR


Here’s the synopsis:

Logan’s hunt has begun, in this immersive, fast-paced thriller.

President Pierce faces a difficult reelection following the terrorist attacks which highlighted his first term. His platform is focused on how they’ve successfully eliminated terrorism with the intercession of an advanced cyber watch network. However, Logan knows the truth.

After suffering a devastating loss at the hands of a terrorist cell, Logan begins to push those closest to him away. He welcomes death in an all-out war to avenge the loss of a friend and brother in arms. His intel leads to a failed aerial assault on a terrorist compound in the mountains of Yemen, but a CIA agent deep in country provides a cryptic tale of one pilot’s survival. Logan’s guilt places him in an isolated and deadly situation, forfeiting his life.

Logan’s unexplained absence becomes the catalyst, as a catastrophic chain of events begins to unfold in the U.S., crippling the country. In a sick twist of fate, Logan’s placed face to face with the devil he’s hunted for a year, Amir Qasmi, who may provide the only solution to save our country. But is it simply another deceitful lie?


Any fans of military thrillers? I’ve always been a sucker for a good political thriller – with some military ones it can be hit or miss. That being said, I’m very curious to see how book two will continue the story of Logan.




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