The Unforgotten – Laura Powell

Happy belated release!

Thanks to Gallery Books for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

THE UNFORGOTTEN – Laura Powell (out now!)


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!


Right off the bat, this one is not what it seems. While this is a lighter mystery with a slower pace – definitely don’t go into it expecting a thriller – this was such a complex story about secrets and the guilt a person can harbor for years.

It’s the summer of 1956, and Betty Broadbent is 15 years old. She’s never left the village of St. Steele and doesn’t tend to venture far. She typically sticks close to home and close to the Hotel Eden that is run by her mother. Betty’s quiet life is quickly flipped upside down when a string of brutal and gruesome murders take place and their small town is quickly overrun by the London press. With the Hotel Eden thriving with business, there is one reporter that catches Betty’s eye, Mr. John Gallagher. With Gallagher being twice her age, he and Betty begin a forbidden attraction that eventually blossoms into more.

Now, fifty years later, Mary is shocked to see an interview with the convicted murderer known as “The Cornish Cleaver” makes front page news. Mary knows a dark secret about the killer, but how is she connected to the events of that summer in 1956?

As I’ve said before, I love when there are alternating timelines and perspectives in an novel. It helps answer questions as you go, or in some cases, helps cause more confusion. I was impressed with the different turns that THE UNFORGOTTEN took throughout the novel. Some I definitely was not expecting. While this was on the lighter side for a crime fiction novel it still kept my attention from start to finish. I will definitely be looking for more from Laura Powell in the future!


Do you like a slower build mystery or do you want one that gives you whiplash? It all depends on my mood and I love to mix it up – can’t have all mystery novels be the same!



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